Getty and Flickr Team Up to Help You License Your Photos

Yesterday, Flickr added to their collaboration with Getty Images by allowing its users to now place a “Request to License” link under he license on the image page. If someone wants to use the image, they can click on this link and a Getty representative will send a Flickr Mail to the owner, letting them […]

Thursday Tidbits

Migrating to Lightroom 3 The other day I was talking about the release of Lightroom 3 and how I didn’t think that the beta catalog could be imported into the official release version. I was basing this on information that a friend at Adobe told me when the beta was first released. It wasn’t long […]

Flickr API Follow-Up

Photo by dullhunk There was a lot of response to my post yesterday, so much so that I wanted to pass along a couple of things that were left in the comments as well as emails that I received. First off, let me say that I in no way was blaming my iPad for the […]

Is My iPad Stealing Your Photo?

Probably not but it’s not as far-fetched as it sounds. The other day I was browsing through Apps on my iPad and came across one called Explore Flickr (also available for the iPhone). The description of the app says that it will allow the user to browse hundreds of the top daily images on Flickr, […]

Catching Up After The Weekend

It was a hot am muggy weekend here so I spent some quality time with my computer, catching up on a lot of great blog material. Some of this stuff is just too good to keep to myself so I thought I would share some with you. » Lightroom Learning from Adobe – If you […]