No Blog Tuesday

Hi everyone.  Due to circumstances beyond my control I am going to have to skip the blog post for today.  I’ll be back tomorrow but I don’t want to leave you empty-handed.  If you haven’t been to the NAPP site lately you should pop on over and check it out.  They have revamped the site […]

Monday Giveaway

This Contest is now CLOSED – Thanks for entering This weekend I ran a little Twitter contest and gave away 3 copies of my latest book, Nikon D5000: From Snapshots to Great Shots.  I don’t want my blog readers to be left out so today I am running another giveaway.  A couple of weeks ago […]

Missed Opportunities

I’m sure that many of you read the post yesterday over at my friend Scott Kelby’s blog.  I was all set to write a full blown rant about the situation but there’s really nothing more that I could say that hasn’t already been written in the 300+ comments.  Instead, I thought I would share a […]

Last Chance to Save $100

I thought I would throw out a reminder that today is the last day to grab the early bird special for the upcoming Photoshop World.  If you are planning on going and have yet to register you only have a few hours left to save yourself $100 off the registration price.  I don’t know about […]

Having Some Online Fun With Your Images

This one is strictly for fun.  I was playing with one of my favorite browser apps, StumbleUpon, when I found a fun little site that let’s you take an uploaded image and place it into different scenarios.  As you can see, I decided that my face should be up in the bright lights of Time […]