How a Gamer Video Device Saved my Latest Book

Way back, when I first started writing camera books for Peachpit, I had no way of capturing the rear LCD screens on the cameras. That meant that I had to set the camera up in my studio and then take photos of the screens. This was far from elegant and was fraught with so many […]

Lightroom Updated for Retina Displays

It doesn’t actually come out and say it in the Lightroom 4.3 release candidate description but there is one little mention of support for HiDPI displays. Now I am just going out on a limb here but there isn’t a display around that is much higher than the Retina display of my MacBookPro (2880×1800). Of […]

Checking out the MacBook Pro Retina

This weekend I happened to be at the Apple store so I took the opportunity to get an up close look at the new MacBook Pro laptops with the Retina display. I have to tell you that I was pretty impressed with what I saw. The Pluses – Of course the big plus here is […]

My Laptop Gets a GelaSkins Makeover

Last month while walking around the CES show floor I ran into the nice folks at GelaSkins. They create protective skins for phones, tablets, and computers like my 15″ MacBook Pro. The great thing about their skins is the artwork that they use. The GelaSkins folks have some fantastic graphics available for their skins from award-winning […]

Why I’m Still Holding On To My Old MacBook Pro

The outer case is scratched and dented, the original 160GB hard drive has been replaced with a 250Gb model that is now close to full, I’m on my third battery, the number of times that I have to do a hard shutdown is occurring more and more frequently, and the heat that comes from the underside has […]