Big Apple Goodness at the PhotoPlus Expo

I am fresh off a trip to New York and the PDN PhotoPlus Expo. It’s hard to believe but this was my first time attending this show, which is now the largest photo show on the East coast. As far as photo shows go, it was okay, but not really spectacular. There weren’t any big […]

Photowalking and PhotoPlus

For the past seven years I have been hosting one of the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalks every year without fail. They are one of my favorite photography activities and I thoroughly enjoy meeting all the folks who come out to participate. Unfortunately this year we had some crazy weather going on here in Virginia to […]

Why The Lack of Wifi On The Canon 7D MkII Is Not a Big Deal

Shortly after Canon announced the specs for the 7D Mark II, I started scouring the web to see if there were any reviews from the early beta testers like DP Review. As I was making my way through all of the posts I started to see all of the trolls making their way out from under […]

Shutter Counts – Why They Matter and Why They Don’t

I was conducting my daily website scan when I saw an article on a new shutter count app that is now available for most Canon digital cameras [credit CanonRumors]. If you aren’t sure what a shutter count is, it is basically a numerical representation of how many times your camera’s shutter has actuated (opened and […]

Making the DSLR Switch

Whether you are thinking of moving from a Nikon to a Canon or Pentax to Sony, there are a few things you should take into consideration when contemplating the move to a new camera system. As someone who goes from camera to camera for work reasons, I have some first-hand knowledge on what it takes […]