Adobe’s Early Black Friday Deal for Photographers

Okay all you squeeky wheels out there, you complained that you didn’t have access to the $9.99 deal for Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5 because you didn’t own a copy of Photoshop. Well quit your yapping and head over to the Adobe website right now because Adobe is serving up something very special for you. […]

A Photoshop Fix for the Power Line Blues

How many times have you come home from a shoot and started processing your images only to notice that there are ugly power lines running through your shots. It never fails that the prettiest scene will have the ugliest power lines running through it. Thankfully as photographers in the modern age, we have some pretty […]

My Favorite New Filter in Photoshop

This weekend I installed a new Mac Mini in my home office. My MacBook Pro is my main workhorse computer but every now and then I like to work in my office on a bigger monitor so I thought the Mac Mini would be a good setup for me and the family to use. It’s […]

Creative Cloud for Photographers is Live

During the keynote at Photoshop World, Adobe announced that they would launch a new Creative Cloud plan for photographers and that it would launch about the same time that the Lightroom 5.2 update was ready. Today I saw that Adobe had released Lightroom 5.2 (and Camera Raw 8.2) and so I decided to take a […]

GoPro Time Lapse in Harpers Ferry

This past weekend I made the drive to Harpers Ferry, WV, home for my Worldwide Photowalk this year. I had a couple of reasons for going. First, I wanted to do a little scouting in terms of parking for my participants and some walking routes to discover. The second reason was to shoot some time […]