My Knockoff MB-D12 Battery Grip for the D800

When I purchased my D800 I had fully intended on buying the grip for it, just like I had done with my D700 and D7000. I have pretty big hands and just like the feel of a grip when I shoot. It just feels more natural and allows me to get a better hold on […]

Gorillapod Saves the Day

I didn’t want to take a tripod with me to Las Vegas because I didn’t think I would be doing that much shooting. I did however think to bring my Joby Gorillapod. If you aren’t familiar with the Gorillapod, it’s a small camera support with three flexible legs that can wrap and grip around just […]

Spider Holster Announces Black Widow Camera Holster

Spider Holster has announced the immediate availability of its Black Widow Camera Holster. By providing a secure attachment point at the photographer’s hip, the Black Widow prevents the ever-present neck, shoulder and back strain of carrying cameras on traditional tangling neck straps. Modeled after Spider Holster’s pro-level offering, the Black Widow was designed for entry […]

Warm, Toasty, and Functional – Freehands Gloves

A while back when I was gearing up for my sideline shoot at the Redskins game I was thinking it was going to be pretty darned cold out there on the field. I have lots of cold weather gloves but they are all bulky and are more suited for making snowballs than taking photos. I […]

What’s Your Must Have Photo Accessory?

I was chatting with a friend the other day about their new camera and they asked me what they should really buy next to improve their photos.  They had just purchase a Nikon D90 and loved the camera but they were anxious to start improving their photography beyond just a camera and a kit lens.  I’m sure […]