Fly Away for the Holidays

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday weekend.  Mine was spent with family where I logged a lot of time on the kid’s new Wii-Fit.  Unfortunately I need to spend a lot more time on it than I would like but such are the hazards of holiday munching.  I also got to spend a little time with my nieces and while we were playing around with my camera, we started posing the kids in action poses as they lay on the floor.  It was a lot of fun and I ended up with this one shot that I really loved so when I got home I whipped out the laptop and started moving them to a more fitting background.

It would have been a much easier job had I photographed the kids on a green screen or even some white seamless but seeing as how I had none of this at my disposal, we just went with the carpeted floor.  I used the Vertus Tech Fluid Mask 3 Photoshop plug-in to mask out the figures and then found an appropriate background and just pasted them in and resized them using the free-transform tool.  To finish things off, I did a little color adjustment, some dodging and burning, and gave the background a slight blur.  It’s not the greatest job in the world but the kids really loved it and I had a lot of fun making it.

Here’s a look at the original image before all the masking and the new background.  The Fluid Mask software really made the masking a much easier chore and I doubt I would have had this much success without it.

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