Give your Black & White Images a Different Look with Duotones

If you aren’t familiar with duotones or tritones and quadtones for that matter, you should watch today’s video on how to apply one to your black and white images.  The duotone process allows you to overlay colors into the highlights and shadows of your black and white images to give them a completely different look.  They can add warmth or completely cool things off, depending on the mood you want to set for your image.  Check out the video and then try applying some duotones to your black and white workflow.

If you have a highspeed Internet connection, try clicking the full screen button located just to the right of the volume control on the bottom of the video screen.

Here is the final image after applying the Duotone seen in the video.


One other quick thing about using Duotones.  Once you have completed the Duotone conversion you will need to go back to the Image mode menu and convert the image back into an RGB file if you want to save the image as a JPEG.  If you don’t convert it, you will be limited to saving the file as a Photoshop document.  Keep this in mind if you are going to be posting your images to the Internet or sending them out for printing.

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