Shifting Perspective with the Lens Correction Filter

Before Correction

I really like this photo of the Petronas Towers except for the fact that my wide angle lens and camera angle made for some really bad perspective shifting.  It’s not easy to photograph one of the World’s tallest buildings from a fairly close distance so I had to tilt my camera up to get all of the towers in.  This tilting of the camera makes the tops of the buildings look as if they get smaller and are tilting in towards the middle.  Normally I would try and use the perspective adjustment in the Free Transform tool but today I tried using the Lens Correction Filter.  It offers some different ways of fixing perspective shift and I like the grid overlay for getting everything lined up just right.  Check out the video to see how I transformed the shot above into the one you see below.

After Correction

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  • Iza

    I really love your tutorials. They are focused on just one thing at the time, straight to the point, and explain how to deal with really often encountered problems. Thanks for doing that!

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