Making Panoramas from Fish-Eye Images

Yesterday I posted some images from my shoot in the Las Vegas Boneyard.  Included was one pano that I made by combining 3 images shot with a 10.5mm fish-eye lens.  I had never really thought of making a pano from fish-eye images because the lens has so much distortion around the edges that I never really thought it would merge well.  That’s until I saw Russell Brown from Adobe give his little demo in the opening keynote during Photoshop World (you can watch the entire keynote over at Terry White’s blog).  Dr. Brown showed the power of the Merge to Panorama tool in CS4 and clued me in to the little check-box that I had been missing that let me create my cool pano.  Check out this video to see how it was done.

Now here’s the other really cool thing that I learned at photoshop World and it’s the tool I used to bring you the video tutorial.  See, usually I use a program called iShowU to create my video screen capture videos but this video wasn’t made with iShowU, it was made with an Internet application called Screenr that my buddy Rich Harrington turned me on to.  Screenr is a completely web-based option for creating video screen-casts and posting them to Twitter.  It also allows you to post them to YouTube as well as embedding them into a blog or web page.  It was extremely easy to use and the only downside is that you only get 5 minutes of record time.  Beyond that, it’s a totally cool application that I will be using for all my short tutorials.  You can begin using it for your own videos by checking out the Screenr website.

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