PSW – Day 1

It was a great opening day at Photoshop World.  Besides catching up with a lot of friends that I only get to see once a year, I also saw some great classes, including Scott’s retouching class which was full of some new tips I hadn’t seen before.  His class is so full of stuff that he has to run it in two sessions so I’ll have to grab a seat for part two later today.  Along with Scott’s class, I also checked out sessions from Matt Kloskowski, Dave Cross, and Ben Wilmore.  Today it’s McNally, RC, Glassman, and Maisel.

By the way, last night was the After-Hours party, which was held at the Estate.  It’s a small club here in Boston.  Scott’s band, Big Electric Cat, played a monster set and had everyone jamming.  It was a lot of fun although I think next time I won’t stand in front of the speaker stack to take photos.  Wow, was it loud.  Anyway, check out the shots from the band and then check back tomorrow for a little more PSW goodness.

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  • Mike

    The rear shot of Scott at the keyboard is nine kinds of awesome, Jeff…I bet the Raw version is beyond description! Wonderful shots!

  • Roger

    Caught a couple of glimpses of you at PSW, but we never got together (still hoping that’s possible). Agree that PSW was great. Are you planning on attending Andy’s photowalk in Harrisburg?

  • Tanya Plonka

    I’ve learned to wear ear plugs at concerts for that very reason.

    That was a great party, but I didn’t see you there… I think I was distracted after I got sick from all the food I ate. Did you hang around for the wrap up session? I ended up in the wrap up video, dancing at the Estate :)

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