Creating A Gallery Print Signature Plate

When ever I post an image that has the gallery print border, I get comments on the signature plate that I use.  I picked this one up at Photoshop World a couple of years ago in one of Scott Kelby’s typography classes.  Well, instead of trying to explain how I made it to everyone that asks, I decided that I would do a quick video to show you.  All it takes is a marker, a scanner, and a couple of minutes in Photoshop.  I also demonstrate how easy it is to use in Lightroom once the signature plate has been created.  It’s definitely a great way to personalize your prints.


  • Kay

    Dear Jeff,

    I only want to complement, that you can also do the aligning when you “select all” by hitting command/control + a instead of selecting all Layers. This is very useful when you have a multilayered Document. Thank you for another great Tutorial! Keep them coming!

    Greetings from Germany,

  • Roland

    Thanks for sharing. Always wanted to do a signature graphic.

  • JEF

    Thanks for the help. I do have one follow up question.

    How do you align the image and the signature plate in Lightroom?

  • Greg

    Thanks Jeff, nice work

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  • Cash Haggerty

    Awesome post! I only wish I had a better looking signature!

  • David

    Great post today Jeff. I have always want to learn how to do this.

  • Ewen

    Nice Jeff, great post, very simple.. BUT.. is there a way to do the same thing but have a transparent background rather than solid white?

  • Pat

    Great post, Jeff……….Just what I was looking for! I think it was just last week that I posted that very question.

  • Alan B.

    Good one, Jeff. Wondering whether it would make sense to create the signature plate as a .png with a transparent background for more flexibility with different border/mat colors..?

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  • ROB

    Superb. I frustrated myself crazy for about 2 hours attempting to do this for a customer recently. Now I know how (with a bookmark here) to do it much more easily. THANKS (and yes its meant to be capitalised)

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  • David Felty

    Hello Jeff,
    The thing that is showing the key strokes is that part of the video recording that you are doing or a stand alone app. Great stuff thanks.

    • jeff

      Hi David,
      It’s a feature of the screen recording software that I use calle IShowU-HD. It’s a program for the Mac and it does some amazing stuff, including picture-in-picture.

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