Where There’s Smoke, There’s Photoshop

I was chatting with my sister the other day and she was telling me that she needed a print for her new house.  She said what she really wanted was one of my smoke images.  Just something really abstract and colorful.  I asked her what color she wanted, which sort of surprised her a little.  I told her that I could basically make it any color or colors that she wanted so that it would go better with her decor.  So as I was working on her file, I had the thought that this would actually make a cool little tutorial.  Shooting the smoke isn’t really difficult and there are so many creative things that you can do with the images once you are done.  So here is a brief look at how I create my Smoke Shots.

*I do want to apologize if I seem to go through some of these techniques kind of quickly.  I use a lot of keyboard shortcuts to do the routine tasks (copy, paste, Free Transform, etc.).  The keyboard shortcuts show up on the screen as I use them and I try and mention the ones that I am using but I do sometimes forget.  The reason I go through some of the tasks quickly is that I have a 10 minute time limit restriction on YouTube.  So even though I now use Viddler to post my video on the blog, I have a large number of subscribers on YouTube that I don’t want to leave high and dry.  So if you have any questions about something I did in the tutorial, please leave a comment or drop me an email.

  • http://www.ronwhitaker.ca/p245349421/e14a45445 Ron Whitaker


    Thanks for the smoke tutorial. It gives me faster way to clean up the image with select colour range and to select the smoke only. That’s great.

    I enjoy playing with curves to colour the smoke, gives a different effect.


  • http://mpalmerphotography.blogspot.com/ Mike Palmer

    smoking again, I thought you gave that up

    I still need to find something that smokes more

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  • http://www.freetemplatesonline.com/ Stacy

    very useful tutorial! thanks )

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