The Adjustment Brush – My Favorite New Tool

I am a huge fan of the Adjustment Brush in Lightroom 2.  It has turned some of the most time consuming tasks into operations that just take minutes to perform.  I used it for the images I posted yesterday, primarily to burn in the area around the subject.  Too see just how quickly it was done, check out the video below.

  • misschatter

    Great tutorial. Thanks! I have played with that feature, but haven’t really mastered it yet. I had no idea what the auto-masking did or how to show the mask. I’m going to have to rewatch and figure out how you sharpened everything except the skin too.

  • mannedspace

    Thanks for the info, Jeff. I really have not played with my lightroom because I have too much fun in CS3; but, it is very tedious to mask out complicated images especially the slides I’ve scanned in. Looking forward to getting the CS4!

  • Patty Hankins


    Awesome video. I’ve been trying to figure out the adjustment brush – this really helps.

    Thanks for posting the tutorial


  • mike meyer

    Thanks for the video, it’s so much easier than reading a book. Maybe you should do all your blogging via video. Then we could all leave video comments. An all video blog.

    mike meyer

  • Shawn Grimes

    This is a great tutorial. I’ve been under utilizing this tool for far too long. Thanks!

  • janet

    Thanks Jeff, This video was/is exactly what I was looking for, at the right time. Perfect, easy to follow and thank you! Janet

  • Dominic Cimesa

    Thanks a lots Jeff. Great tutorial!!

  • SurfOC

    Thanks for the great tutorial.. I have been trying to figure out the best way to use the brush, and this helped a ton.

  • Steve Kalman


    Thanks for another great tutorial. Your HDR tutorial got me started with HDRs and they’ve given me some great pictures, including my personal favorite, LIme Kiln Point lighthouse from San Juan Island, Wa. (taken on a DLWS with Moose and others).

    After watching your brush tutorial, I went back to a picture I took mid-afternoon at a temple in Egypt (doesn’t get any brighter than that). The main subject is a woman my wife and I met on the tour, but there’s a ton of distracting background. All I was able to do before in PS was apply a gaussian blur to it (dodge and burn in PS isn’t easy). This morning I went in and did much the same as you did in the tutorial. I’m quite pleased with the results and she will be, too.

    Thanks again. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet you on a Photowalk. I get to DC a few times a year and twice now have missed a walk by less than a week.

    Happy travels.

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