Paperless Lite Keeps My Shotlist Handy

You might have noticed that I have not put up many posts lately, which is due in large part to my latest book. I have been working hard trying to get it all wrapped up and it has pretty much take up all of my free time. I am almost at the end though and the only thing I need is a few images for one of the chapters. I am going to be hiring a model to get the photos I need and in order to maximize my shooting time I thought it would be a good idea to make a shot list. Shot lists can be extremely useful if your photo shoot actually has an agenda that needs to be accomplished. If you are just out there freestyling, it’s not so important but if you have specific needs, you absolutely need to make a shot list.

I wanted to make my list on my iPad so I started looking in the App Store for something that would fit the bill. What I found was Paperless Lite.


The truth is that there are tons of List apps available but this one had a couple of things that I really like. First, it’s FREE, which is always a bonus. Sometimes that means that it isn’t as feature-rich as a paid version but if this one is missing features, it really isn’t noticable. The other feature is flexibility. I like to make a lot of changes, move things around, and have it be visually very simple and easy to use. Paperless Lite is all of that and more.


The first thing I did after downloading the app was to create a shotlist for my photo shoot. Clicking the small + icon above the list pane opens a dialog box that lets you name the list as well as selecting an icon for the list and a couple of other options. I like the fact that they have a little aperture icon for photos so that’s the one I picked.


Once you have things all set up, the new list will appear in the list pane where you can quickly see all of your lists along with how many items it contains and how many are pending.


Within the list, you can add new items by clicking the + icon at the top of the page. I like that I can add a title for the item and then provide more details when necessary. When complete, the items will appear in the list pane with a checkbox next to them.


By pressing the Edit button at the bottom of the list pane, you can edit, copy, delete or even move your items around. I don’t always think of the shots I need in the order in which they should be shot. That’s why I like that I can drag them into a logical shooting order, which helps me be even more efficient on the shoot.


Another nice feature is the email list function, which lets you send your list to someone via email. This could be a very handy option if you wanted to forward the shotlist to an assistant or model prior to the shoot so that everyone knows what the agenda is prior to arriving at the photoshoot.


After the list is created and distributed, it’s time to get busy. Using the list is a pretty simple operation. Just open it up and then start shooting. As you finish one of the items on the list, just tap its checkbox to move it to the completed area of the list pane. It’s that simple.


Not everyone needs a shotlist for their photoshoots but if you are like me and get caught up in the shoot only to find later that you missed that one fricken shot that you really need, this is a must have item.  You can check out Paperless Lite in the App store (click here) and while you are there, be sure to look into the paid version. It’s only $2.99 and adds things like synchronizing lists between devices and saving to your dropbox account.

As for my lack of posting, look for bigger, better, and more frequent postings in the year to come…


  1. I love this app! So much that I wanted the upgrade which will sync to my iPhone etc. when I clicked to upgrade it said I had it already! Free! Thanks! Great informative blog!

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