A Few Thoughts on Photowalking

With the Worldwide Photowalk just a few days away I thought it would be a good time to share some photowalking ideas with you. Of course if you aren’t sure what I am talking about, I highly suggest that you visit the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk site and watch the video and then sign up to participate in a photo walk near you. It’s what all the cool photographers will be doing on October 5th. Now that we have that squared away, here’s a few ideas to consider for your photowalk.

First, make sure that you get a group shot to commemorate the event. If you are a leader, don’t forget this shot at the very beginning. After the photowalk starts, the crowd tends to scatter so right at the beginning is the best opportunity.

photowalk subjects-14

Now that the group shot is out of the way, it’s time to start walking, but what to shoot? Well, it really depends on the location that your leader picked for you but here’s a few thoughts –


This one is easy but always a good one, try and find some bold bright colors and then capture them in some interesting way.

photowalk subjects-4


Depending on where you are, there might be some interesting signs that call out to be photographed. Keep your eyes open for them because they are often overlooked but can offer up some unique possibilities.

photowalk subjects-3

photowalk subjects-2


Just by playing a little with your exposure, you can create some interesting silhouettes that offer a completely different view of your surroundings. Play with your exposure compensation and look for some strongly backlit subjects.

photowalk subjects-6


This is an old standby but it’s still a classic technique. When in doubt, open your lens aperture and get close to your subject for some really shallow depth of field. This works great at farmers markets or flower gardens but you can use it for just about anything. Try using a long telephoto and get close to your subject for even more shallowness.

photowalk subjects-7

photowalk subjects-18


Sometimes we get locked in to what is in front of us that we forget to look around for other opportunities. When you take a shot, take a moment to look around and see if there isn’t something else that might be even more interesting behind you, your better yet, above you.

photowalk subjects-9


Not everyone likes to have their picture taken but there are those who love the attention. When you find one of these colorful characters, take advantage of the situation.

photowalk subjects-8

photowalk subjects-19


If you are in any sort of location with a sweeping view, why not fire off a few panoramas. If you don’t know how just ask a few of the photographers on the photowalk. Chances are there is someone there who has plenty of experience shooting them.

photowalk subjects-15


There are all sorts of photographic opportunities on a photowalk including portraits. Being in a group of photographers is a great chance to shoot a few portraits of your fellow shooters. If you find a great location with good light, just ask someone if you can take a few portraits and maybe reciprocate as a model for someone else.

photowalk subjects-17


Watch the other photographers and see what they are shooting. I call this stealing the shot but really, it’s what a photowalk is all about. By watching and interacting with other photographers and seeing things through their lenses, you get a chance to jumpstart your own creativity and find your own shots in the process.

photowalk subjects-12

photowalk subjects-13


It’s really simple, have fun. Yes, there are some prizes to be won but the whole point is to enjoy the experience, make some friends, share and gain some knowledge, and do that one thing that we all love to do, take photos.

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  1. The Art of a Beautiful Life says:

    Great thoughts. There are so many possibilities, and this is a great list to get someone started. I am publishing an article in May on artofabeautifullife.com about a photo walk project, and I am mentioning this article with a link. Thanks for reminding us of some great photo opportunities.


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