Join Me and Pete Collins for a Special Photowalk in Downtown Orlando

Lake Eola

This isn’t the first time I have held a photowalk in Orlando, but it’s the first time that it has been an Official Photoshop World Event. That’s right, this isn’t just your run of the mill photo walk. This is a private (free) photowalk on April 16th for anyone who signs up now for Photoshop World. That’s right, sign up for Photoshop World and you can join me and my buddy, Pete – The Photoshop Guy – Collins for a private photowalk around Lake Eola and then hang out and grab a bite afterwards and chill with us as we do some chimping and story swapping.

For all the information and to sign up for Photoshop World, check out the special signup page on the Photoshop World website.


  1. Remind Pete that the swans are for lookin’ at, not eatin’.

  2. Dolores Russo says:

    Just a quick note from an Orlando photographer/resident for 2013 Orlando PW – the weather is changing here and it is getting warmer. Temps hit the mid 80’s yesterday and once that “seal” is broken, we continue to get this wonderful warm/hot weather here in Orlando. Prepare for sudden downpours too. I know it’s an additional thing to carry, but a small umbrella or a big plastic poncho (think Disneyworld trips) – might be sufficient.

    • Jeff Revell says:

      Thanks for the helpful tips Dolores. I have had pretty good luck with nice weather in the past but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

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