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Hey everyone, I have something really great that I want to give away to someone here in the Google Plus community. So here's the deal. A couple of months ago I submitted an image to the Leader contest for the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk. This was the first time that there has been a contest that was just for the leaders and so I thought it would be fun to submit one of my images. I really didn't give it much thought but a couple of weeks later I found out that my shot was one of the winners.

Yesterday I was notified that the prize for my winning shot was a one year subscription to NAPP, which also includes a one year subscription to the totally awesome Photoshop User magazine. This is a fantastic prize but, since I am already a member, I sent off an email to my buddy Scott Kelby and asked if I could give away my prize to someone on Google Plus. I could have tacked on another year to my membership but I really want some deserving person to experience the benefits of a NAPP membership. Scott gave me the green light so that's just what I am going to do.

So here's how this works, add a comment to this post and tell me why you want/need/deserve a one year NAPP membership (non-members only please). I will sort through the comments and pick a winner. The cutoff for comments will be this Saturday, January 12th at Midnight (Eastern Time). I will announce the winner on Sunday and get your contact info so that your membership can be processed.

If you aren't sure if you aren't real sure about what NAPP is and why you should be a member check out this link 

Thanks to the +Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk, +NAPP, and of course my buddy +Scott Kelby for letting me share this great prize with one of you. Goog Luck!
By the way, that's my winning image below.

Oh, and if you are already a NAPP member, could you do me a favor and re-share this so that I can give as many people as possible an opportunity to win. But please tell folks to comment on the original post, not the shared version.


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  1. I'm guessing I'm not eligible 😉

  2. great idea +Jeff Revell

  3. I'd love to win a year membership. I've been wanting to join since I first learned of NAPP in November, but even though it's only $89 (for educators) I haven't been able to fit it into my budget.

    What I'm really hoping to gain from membership isn't the on help stuff, though I hear all of that's awesome, it's the access to the tutorials. I'm a college professor and one of the classes I teach focuses solely on Photoshop. I can handle all the basics but it would really help me grow as a both an artist and as a teacher if I could get acces to more advance tutorials.

  4. Congratulations on winning the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk leader contest. I was also a local walk leader and had a blast doing it since the others in the group enjoyed the event.

    I am just getting into incorporating digital workflow into my post film process and I am basically a Lightroom novice. I don't know all the things that it is capable of and also want to learn new tips and best practices from the experts.


  5. To consume the goodness that is NAPP and be able to spew that goodness out through my photography would warm the cockles of my heart more than I could ever express…  without it I shall wallow in my crapulence.

    This is a great idea! 😉

  6. To become a NAPP member has been a longtime goal. Just to be considered for this gift is truly great. The many avenues of learning from the workshops, instructors, and other tips would be a great blessing. Thank you for the kind consideration.

  7. Every year I photograph a local HS marching band for no charge. They get to sell and keep the the proceeds from the sale to help defray the costs of running the band. The photos only have basic color and WB adjustments made to them with an occasional filter or preset used if it fits the image. My PS skills are basic (some would say rudimentary) so I would use the membership to improve my basic skill set and pass those skills along in those images.

    Whether I win or not, thank you for the opportunity.

  8. I was just thinking last night about joining NAPP after watching one of Scott's YouTube videos I am new to photography, LR and photoshop and realize how much I have to learn.

  9. Tim Tilden says:

    I had to let my membership to NAPP lapse several years ago. I still use my old issues of the magazine for tips and other ideas. It would be a great way to start the new year.

  10. +Jeff Revell   WOW it still amazes me and proves my point that people are still nice, it seems like everyone has just become so selfish these days, and then you see something like this  :).  I would love a membership. I have been wanting one since I discovered Kelby Training early in 2012, I have been a loyal follower, even got me meet +RC Concepcion when he came to Seattle.  I tried winning the NAAP membership during the NAAPathon but no luck, wish I could just buy a membership but it is just not in the budget at this time. I believe NAAP is hands down the best opportunity to learn photoshop just from what I have seen from the guys at Kelby Training.  Again this is such a great thing you are doing.  Thanks for the opportunity.

  11. Having a membership to NAPP would be amazing!  My wife and I are moving to California and one of the things I wish to accomplish is becoming a better photographer in a state that is FULL of beautiful scenery.  That NAPP membership will go a long ways towards becoming better at the art of photography!  Thanks, Jeff, for your generosity in providing this membership to one of the commenters!

  12. Thank you for this opportunity!  My photographic journey began just over a year ago and I've only dabbled in Photoshop up to this point.  As the passion continues to grow, so does my interest in learning more and more.  This would be a great way to do just that.  Thanks again!

  13. Would love to learn from the tutorials found in NAPP and improve on what little post-processing skills I currently have. 

    Thanks for a great opportunity, Jeff! and Happy New Year!

    @Gary – love your comment 🙂

  14. Hi, I'm from Spain. I'm an amateur designer. I would be very excited to learn from the betters in USA.

  15. Hi, I'm from Spain. I'm an amateur designer. I would be very excited to learn from the betters in USA.

  16. Hi, I am a photographer getting started here in Charlotte. I would love to find out what NAAP has to offer. Thank you for offering this to one of us.

  17. Hi, I am a photographer getting started here in Charlotte. I would love to find out what NAAP has to offer. Thank you for offering this to one of us.

  18. My wife is the photoshop person here – would be awesome if she got to learn from the best at NAPP.

  19. Thanks for giving people like us who never had a chance to use photoshop or simply couldn't afford to get one.

    Yesterday Adobe offered free PS2 and that really would be a kickstart for my New Years resolution which is to photograph kids living in poor countries like Bangladesh and Nepal through a community funded Project Better World initiative. The membership would be key factor to get success, thank you very much!

  20. I’d enjoy a NAPP membership b/c:

    1) I haven’t joined before.

    2) As a high school digital photography educator, I could stand to increase my skill set with PS/LR. I know there are many learning opportunities for NAPP members.

    3) I appreciate the opportunity to participate in organizations and to promote the cause of the profession. Have you sent the US copyright office your thoughts on orphan works legislation yet? I have, and I’m sure NAPP will on behalf of its members.

  21. Since DSLR cameras have become more affordable,  there are more  "Photography" businesses out there than ever before.  So many people buy their camera and think it automatically makes them a professional photographer.  These individuals claim to be professional even before reading their manual, or learning anything about composition,aperture or white balance. 
    I started my photography over 15 years ago.  I believe that it is a craft and an art form.  I would love to be considered for this membership.  A NAPP membership can help me take my skills to the next level.  Thanks so much for paying it forward and enabling someone else to perfect the craft.

  22. Great idea, thanks for coming up with it!
    I would like to try the NAPP membership for a year to get access to all the resources, like the magazine and online tutorial and see if I can/will take advantage of it to enough extent to find the money in my photography budget for it. I hear how great it is, but it is always best to try it yourself ;).

  23. Congratulations Jeff!
    Well, I don't deserve to win it, but would love to have it. I've recently rediscovered my love for photography and how excited I was when I first bought my first film slr. I was 16 yrs old and saved all summer for it.
    Now I'm just trying to fulfill my passion and instill this beautiful creative venue to my children.
    Thank you for your generosity, no matter who it goes to. Good luck to you my friend.

  24. +Jeff Revell  this is an awesome gift you are giving someone. Like you I am a NAPP and Kelby Training member and just renewed during NAPPathon. The Photoshop guys are some of the best people and instructors around. +Pete Collins  , +RC Concepcion  , +Matt Kloskowski  , +Scott Kelby  , +Corey Barker   and all the rest are top notch and they have taught me so much that I wasn't aware of over the past year and a half. I look forward to the next tidbit of information that makes me go "You can do that?" You are a very thoughtful guy and I hope the winner is really able to use the membership and build on their knowledge like I have. I would like to say that I didn't comment to win but had to express my thoughts of your generosity being great!! I'm heading to the NAPP site now to learn some more from the new online classes! Thanks!!!

  25. This would start my new year off on the right track! My goal is to absorb the most information and apply it to my photography. I watched live the NAAPATHON and was learned so much that day also.

  26. I think to say I need or deserve the membership is a very large stretch. Want however is another matter. The NAPPathon was very cool and eye opening, as far as what NAPP is about. I would join in a heartbeat if I was a "Pro" As this is only a hobby, it's hard to justify the expense. I could do it, but that would cut into my pot o savings for a DSLR. Very cool of you Mr Revell. I should say very Kelby of you.

  27. I had to let my membership lapse when I became unable to work. Really miss the savings, help, and forums. I bet they would still answer my CS3 questions.

  28. It would be a great benefit to have a NAPP membership!
    The membership would give me the opportunity to learn more about Photoshop CS6, Lightroom 4 and increase my photography skills with my DSLR. I have been seriously looking into a NAPP membership, but after upgrading my Photoshop & Lightroom three months ago it has been put on the back burner for now. Really aspiring to work towards developing my photography as business in the future. Just did a photo shoot for my daughter and her family. Turned out better than I thought it would. Also have done some anniversary parties. I really enjoy doing macro photography as well.

  29. I am new to Google+, new to photography, new to Photoshop, and would love to be new to NAPP! There is soooooo much I don't know!

  30. I'm an amateur photographer and a new Photoshop and Lightroom user since 12 months, and I'd really like to learn from the best and NAPP seams to be a very good start. Winning this could be my best thing to start this year!

  31. Have been into photography for a bit, love taking photos! Have been wanting to tackle Photoshop  but am afraid to take it on. I do enjoy the Photoshop magazines & whenever I run across them at the used book store I grab them. I would love to belong to NAPP for a year,so much to learn!

  32. Jeff, that is very kind of you.  I only started learning photography in October 2011 when I picked up my first camera.  Only in March 2012, i started to dabble in photoshop.  I learnt mainly from tips from friends, online video and just generally asking questions and watching people use it.  This membership will definitely give me the skill required to take my photography post processing to the next level.  Where I would like to achieve my goal as a fine art landscape/cityscape photographer.  Once again thank you for the opportunity.

  33. This is awesome that you are doing this.  I am not only an old dog learning new tricks, I am doing what my two kids have inspired me to do, become more serious with photography.  I have loved taking photos of people and lacrosse ganes and have given many photos away.  My son is now a coach and wants me to be the 'photographer' for the team.  I know there are many deserving people, I would love to receive this and truly expand my abilities.  I love sharing my photos and want to share better photos.  Again, who ever you give this to will be a very lucky individual.  Thank you for doing this.

  34. As a user of Aperture, I have hesitated jumping into the deep end of the pool! Becoming a NAPP member will allow me to dive in and learn, create share and convert/add to my workflow(in a good way). Thanks for the opportunity.

  35. I had been a member of NAPP in the past. You don’t have to sell me on the benefits of this site and the included magazine subscription. Both are great. As I have been unemployed for a while I did not renew my subscription. I am currently developing (Pun intended) my Lightroom skills.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  36. I have been a Photoshop user from the earliest of early days who has learned mostly by trail and error. I think it's time to take my learning to that next level and a NAPP membership would help me do that. If you really want a sense of where I've come from and where I'm going you just need to take a look at the first page of my Flickr account ( compared to my lastest 500px photos ( 
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  37. I want to be like you when i grow up !

  38. My brother not only has been a source of spiritual strength but also a hope and an encourager in my pursuit to comprehend photography. Because of our physical disability we are not able to splurge beyond our needs. Though we were once members for two brief years subscription costs now our out of reach. My brother skilled in photography could greatly benefit from this gift. Thank you very much for this opportunity.

    His name is Willy Aona

  39. Oh forgot to mention Willy Aona, my brother's birthday is January 12. Lol.

  40. hello my brother Jeff my birth  day is 13th be blessed

  41. Melanie Castle says:

    I am already a fan of the magazine – and pick it up off the shelf when I can. I have never been able to sign up for NAPP because of the price as we’ve been a single income household (economy – husband lost job – I had to pick up more work) but this year we’ve turned that around.

    This year – I can go back to persuing photography full time and really push myself and the business. NAPP would give me a head start and an edge on that based on all the amazing reviews/comments.

  42. Well I'm jumping in with the birthday hopes – mine's the 19th 🙂
    Thanks +Scott Kelby for the heads up

  43. Hello!
    I'm a starving student, need photoshop lessons to trick my wife to think I look good.

  44. Already a NAPP member but I had to comment. This is very nice shot +Jeff Revell  . I find these old hood ornaments interesting.

  45. Great capture. I hope I can win that membership to learn more!

  46. I would like to use this opportunity. I just lost my job and this NAPP membership could help me learn new skills and hopefully earn a change in my career.

  47. I'm not sure I deserve this NAPP membership more than the people who donate their time and photos to charitable causes.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I don't.  After reading these entries, I'm going to vote that you give it to +Al Nesbit (who I do not know, nor have I seen any of his photos prior to today).

  48. I would love to win this. I'm a highschool student that is obsessed with  photography and photoshop/lightroom. I've learned SO much from Scott Kelby and his team, and have considered getting a NAPP membership, but since I'm a student, it just doesn't fit my budget, even though it is very affordable. Congratulations on winning in the leaders category for the photowalk! It was a blast.

  49. I would love to have a NAPP membership but it doesn't fit the budget at this time.  I have read a few issue of the magazine and always got some great tips from them.

  50. I could lie and tell you many reasons, but I would love to have access  to the free training 🙂 Thanks!

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