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Hey everyone, I have something really great that I want to give away to someone here in the Google Plus community. So here's the deal. A couple of months ago I submitted an image to the Leader contest for the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk. This was the first time that there has been a contest that was just for the leaders and so I thought it would be fun to submit one of my images. I really didn't give it much thought but a couple of weeks later I found out that my shot was one of the winners.

Yesterday I was notified that the prize for my winning shot was a one year subscription to NAPP, which also includes a one year subscription to the totally awesome Photoshop User magazine. This is a fantastic prize but, since I am already a member, I sent off an email to my buddy Scott Kelby and asked if I could give away my prize to someone on Google Plus. I could have tacked on another year to my membership but I really want some deserving person to experience the benefits of a NAPP membership. Scott gave me the green light so that's just what I am going to do.

So here's how this works, add a comment to this post and tell me why you want/need/deserve a one year NAPP membership (non-members only please). I will sort through the comments and pick a winner. The cutoff for comments will be this Saturday, January 12th at Midnight (Eastern Time). I will announce the winner on Sunday and get your contact info so that your membership can be processed.

If you aren't sure if you aren't real sure about what NAPP is and why you should be a member check out this link 

Thanks to the +Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk, +NAPP, and of course my buddy +Scott Kelby for letting me share this great prize with one of you. Goog Luck!
By the way, that's my winning image below.

Oh, and if you are already a NAPP member, could you do me a favor and re-share this so that I can give as many people as possible an opportunity to win. But please tell folks to comment on the original post, not the shared version.


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  1. As a relatively new hobbyist/enthusiast, I think I could really benefit from the resources that NAPP offers (from tutorials to forums to discount offers on needed equipment and potentially to Photoshop World).

    I recently purchased a one year subscription to Kelby Training. The NAPP membership would make the perfect one-two punch. Thanks for the consideration.

  2. I'd love to have an NAPP membership to help grow my knowledge of photography and share my exposures with others.  As the world is today other things have taken precedence over many of my hobbies but Photography is the one that I truly keep up with, and push myself to find time for.  I believe with NAPP I can take my hobby/obsession to the next level and help transform my shots, and really share with the world what I have captured and how I saw it through the view finder.

  3. I have been in love with photography since I was ten, passed down from my mother. I would love to get the chance to tap into the resources that NAPP offers and fulfill my goal to make 2013 the start of my pro career. 🙂 Thank you. 🙂

  4. Pure and simple, I need to get back to NAPP.  I had a membership but it expired and I really can't afford to renew right now so this would really help.

  5. Awesome

  6. I can't be eligible from Transylvania, but i love photography and I can only salute all kind of idea that supports photography and photography hobbyists / enthusiasts. Cheers from Transylvania. Udvözlet. 🙂

  7. Would love a NAPP membership!!  I found photography about a 18 months ago, and have been learning and growing ever since.

  8. Regardless of one’s reason for not being a member of NAPP, or one’s position in photography, to receive a membership in NAPP would be a most advantageous welcome.

  9. Congrats!

  10. You ask why? Because I like to help others of course! A NAPP membership would allow me to continue expanding my learning process to continue helping other photographers. Photographers like +Nancy Wold, +Nicola Parkinson, and +Greg Morgan. Of course if they were gifted with such a learning opportunity that would be awesome!!

  11. I sure can use it! I'm starting the long road into a legitimate shot at professional photography. Among the first things I want to do is a portrait project of the poor neighborhoods in Miami. Any additional resources that would help me towards that end would be awesome!

  12. When I bought Lightroom 3, I received two free editions of Photoshop User as a bonus. The copies were digital format, so I have not really read them (I'm more of a "I want to feel it" sort of guy). I have thought it over many times whether to subscribe to NAPP or not so I can receive the paper copy of Photoshop User. One part of me knows there is lots of great learning to be had, but the other part of me says I cannot justify the expense of membership (for me photography is a relaxing hobby, not a profession). It's the way I'm wired. I go to a store to buy something for me, pick up the item, walk around the store balancing the merits of purchasing vs. not purchasing, put it back on the shelf, walk around the store continuing the debate, pick it up, put it back . . .. It is a surprise to see if or when I buy the thing. It drives my wife nuts. I'm thinking that having a NAPP membership and receiving Photoshop User in paper format will tip the scales towards joining and better photography.

    +Jeff Revell  your gesture is a noble one, and I'm sure whoever gets the membership will be the better for your generosity. Thanks.

  13. After 20+ years of doing work I hated, last year I decided to combine my two loves, animals and photography, and start up a part-time (for now) pet and equestrian photography business. The only thing that is letting me down, and slowing my workflow, is my lack of Photoshop savvy. I know that spending hours searching for tutorials in various places on the net is not a productive use of my time, so a NAPP membership would be a dream come true and a fantastic leg-up! Thanks so much for offering it, and for the chance to state my case. 🙂

  14. As a budding photographer a membership would help out not only allowing me to access the tutorials, but also the discounts that the members get. This would be huge for me. No matter what you are doing a very cool thing here.

  15. Great Image Jeff! Congratulation 😉

  16. Bryan Nelson says:

    Jeff, I’m always looking to improve my photography both in the camera and with Photoshop. A NAPP membership would be the perfect way for me advance my photography. I’ve never had a NAPP membership and would love to receive their magazine. The Grid and Photoshop user TV and various other shows from Scott Kelby and the gang at NAPP are always fun and packed with lots of great stuff. Also the NAPP discounts would be great as I’m supporting my wife and two young children on one income.

    Thanks for the offer

  17. Hey +Jeff Revell how cool. I know I'm probably too old for you to want give this to me but I really could use the NAPP membership. I have been working hard to improve my photography and know that besides just getting out and doing it everyday one of the best tools are online and print training. I sometimes feel that time is running out but I know that's not true but I do appreciate all the good resources I can get to expand my knowledge. So take pity on an old guy and help him out. Hey, thanks for listening.

  18. Congratulations on winning and thanks for your kindness & generosity.

    I'd love to win the membership. I got CS5 in the fall of 2011, but didn't open it til spring of 2012 (I was afraid of it). I've barely skimmed its abilities and would love to learn more.


  19. I would love to be a member of NAPP. I feel I could learn so much. Thanks for being so generous!

  20. Hi again. Which was the image you submitted for the contest? May you share it?

  21. Ricardo, it's the one that is attached to this post – Chief Pontiac hood ornament.

  22. I watch as much of scott's free broadcasts and have some of his books, would love to be a member of NAPP but my finances can't stretch that far this year .or not until i get back to full time employment

  23. I'm old and retired. Money is always tight, I've considered NAPP but the cost always was a detractor. Plus We met on a pre holiday photo walk to see the lights at the Mormon Tabernacle in DC.

  24. Wonderful!! I hope to become such a great professional

  25. I was on this photo walk with you and almost took the identical picture, just a few days later I was diagnosed with colon cancer. Since then I have had surgery and getting ready to start chemo. My photography has taken a back seat but since I will be off work for the next 6 months. I hope to use my camera to keep me busy and my mind focused on the beauty of life. I have plenty of time to really learn the art of editing .. Thanks for this wonderful offer..

  26. Hi Jeff, I'd love to be picked, but among all those hoping to be selected, I have no idea how you're going to chose a winner.

  27. It's very nice of you doing this! Great photo with a deserved award! Your photography carrer is inspirational! I am taking the move into turning myself professional, this would certainly be a big incentive!

  28. I need the NAPP subscription because it would help further my knowledge and skill. I just discovered my passion for photography and I know it's what I want to do for a living. Art school is waaaaaaay to expensive and to time consuming. With the NAPP subscription it would help me to get started with the training I need to enhance my PS skills and advance my photography. This subscription would be such a blessing.

  29. Jeff, thank you so much for sharing and this opportunity. I am in the process of beginning to learn about Photoshop and Lightroom rather than just attempting to figure it out on my own. An NAPP membership would provide me with access to 10 issues of Photoshop User Magazine, a members only website where I will have access to tons of tutorials, discounts, 3 help desks to assist with Photoshop, Lightroom and gear, but most of all full length photoshop classes taught by the incredible Scott Kelby and the Photoshop Guys. Please help me to become a photoshop pro like you with this membership. Thanks for your support of newbie photographers!

  30. The cutoff time has come and gone so I will be reviewing all the comments and will have a winner sometime later today (Sunday). Thanks for all the interest; this is not going to be an easy task. I just wish I had more memberships to give away.

  31. Looking through the photostream I realise I have along way to go to realise the images I imagine in the head. While having been tempted by previous offers for NAPP membership I've never had the bucks spare. I reckon a subscription to their tutorials would push me up along the learning curve.

  32. Would love to win a NAPP membership, but it looks like I'm a bit too late. Good luck

  33. yes brother Jeff Rev ell  i like to get something from you and my community . thank brother i was somewhere so i got this massege to day .i am pst Fred wanyonyi writing from kenya thank brother chat with me ,help me in my ministry and surely one day plan to visit me nice time blessed.

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