Lightroom Updated for Retina Displays

It doesn’t actually come out and say it in the Lightroom 4.3 release candidate description but there is one little mention of support for HiDPI displays. Now I am just going out on a limb here but there isn’t a display around that is much higher than the Retina display of my MacBookPro (2880×1800). Of course there are also the expected camera profile and raw updates that you would expect to find in any Lightroom update, including profiles for the D600, the Pentax K-5II, some of the Olympus Pen models, and a few more. But the thing that I am really excited about are the HiDPI enhancements.

According to the description the display enhancement only affects the Develop module so after installing I clicked on a photo in the Library and then pressed the D key to hop over to Develop. At first it didn’t look very good, then it got better, and then it seemed like there was one last tiny adjustment where the image just snapped into some incredible sharpness. I never realized just how much sharpness I was missing until I saw my images with this new update. Wow, now this is why I opted for the Retina display.

Of course the 4.3 update is still in the release candidate mode so it is only available as a download from the Adobe Labs website. Also, you should know that, because it is a release candidate, it might still have a couple of tiny flaws in it, which is why it is not yet being rolled out as a regular update. So just beware that this is a prerelease update and it will completely overwrite your current version of LR4. But me being the impatient fellow that I am have thrown caution to the wind and installed without reservation. So far, so good and the visual benefits are worth the early update, at least for me.

If you would like to check out the Lightroom 4.3 release candidate, head on over to the Adobe Labs website and read up on all the changes/additions and also grab your free update. Also, while you are there, be sure to check out the Camera Raw 7.3 release candidate update page. It has many the same camera profile and lens updates as the LR update but no sign of a HiDPI update. Hopefully Adobe will roll one of those out for Photoshop in the near future. Until then, I will just enjoy processing in Lightroom.


  1. cool…just got the ipad 3 and love the damn thing.

  2. Very nice. Glad to see Adobe updating Lr for the retina MBP.


  1. Lightroom Updated for Retina Displays #photography

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