Picture Frame Perfect

One thing I really love about my Epson R3000 printer is its ability to print full bleed 13×19 prints. They look fantastic but I was always frustrated with the lack of display products available for that size print (I have come a long way since my rant about photo paper sizes 5 years ago). Things have really started to change though and you can now easily find mats and frames that work great for this size print. The mat in the image is a 13×19 cutout inside of an 18×24 inch mat. I picked up a pack of 10 White 18×24 Acid-free whitecore mats for 13×19 with foam board backings for $59 and the frames are 1″ wide smooth black with backing and hanging hardware. They cost about $22 a piece.

If you haven’t had any of your images enlarged to this size or larger before, I highly recommend that you do it at least once. You really can’t appreciate your photography until you see it large and on your own walls. If you don’t have a printer that prints up to 13×19, try getting some printed at MPIX or ADORAMA. You can get a large print for less than $15 although they might not have 13×19 sizes, you can go with something close like a 12×18. I have to caution you though, once you start making big prints, it’s hard to stop.

Here’s a link to the mats that I ordered – http://goo.gl/8w8wz

Here’s the link to the frames – http://goo.gl/MnKxR

The only problem I have now is finding enough wall space.


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