Don’t You Just Hate Lazy Copyright Thieves?

I have my blog set up so that anyone who links back to my posts is credited with a link-back comment. These link comments usually show up when someone links to an article from Twitter or Facebook, or their own website. Since I moderate all comments (mainly to save you from the spammers) I am aware of who is linking to my content. Just recently I saw a link-back to a website called Slick Vic Entertainment. When I clicked over to the linked page I was a little surprised to see one of my articles. It wasn’t a snippet, or a reference. No, it was the entire article along with all the associated photos. At the bottom of the post was the title of my blog, PhotoWalkPro, which was hyperlinked to the content on my website. Of course this is the work of a scrapper site. It’s basically a very lazy persons way of getting free content by using a web-bot to scour the Internet for articles relating to keywords. Then, usually through the use of some automatic scripts, words are changed or information is added to the post to make it look like the information is original.

Needless to say, I was a little miffed so I wrote a nice comment on the post, informing Vic that he had posted copyright material and that it should be removed. Well, that worked, sort of. I went back and checked that page and I was happy to find that the post was gone but this morning I was looking at my incoming comments and noticed that there were 6 more link-back comments coming from the same site. I clicked on one and what did I find?

Yup, more stolen posts from my site. Oh, and don’t you just love how the by-line to the right of the title reads “by SlickvicENT” not Photowalkpro? I am more than frustrated at this, and even though I know it’s a common practice, I still find it amazing that someone could be so completely lazy and such a bold-faced thief. I will be once again attempting to contacting the website owner to have all of my content removed and also prevent future thefts of my content. If that fails I will resort to more aggressive methods such as a DMCA to the webhost and contacting the Google copyright removal page to have the site de-indexed. I’m not going to link to the website in question because I don’t want to drive any more traffic to their site but hopefully, if you see this type of behavior with your content you will take similar actions to have it removed. Exposure to your content is great but not if it’s being done as a method of simply driving traffic to another website with little to no credit for your hard work.

I’ll be really interested to see if this post gets reposted on the offending website. Now wouldn’t that be some sweet irony?

Google Copyright Removal page


GoDaddy Copyright Claims Info – (If the offender is hosted by GoDaddy)

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  • William Beem

    The same thing happened to me, though my content was taken and reposted by a different web site. Ironically, the post that had the trackback was also about Scott’s WWPW.

    Is there any way we can blame this on Scott Kelby?

    • jeff

      I guess we can blame it on his popularity because it’s obvious that these skimmers want anything associated with him. They obviously think it will fill their coffers with photoshop gold.

      • jim mcd

        Guess you’re writing is so good (at least I think so) and entertaining that someone wants to steal some of it. Someone once told me that imitation (thievery of the best in this case) is the best form of flattery.

        And please remember: Stupid is stupid! You’ll never change the values of some stupid folks.

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  • Roger

    Sounds like it’s time to give Ed Greenberg a call……

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  • Iza

    I don’t have a good plug-in to detected backlins (or I don’t know about it ;) ), but I have one to look for my hot-linked images. It amazes me, what collections or random pictures and text I find on those pages. I really cannot understand the idea of driving traffic to such sites… It happened to me few times to find my whole posts copied as well, and quick note to the web master was sufficient to take the offender down, so far no DMCA action was necessary. Again, what do they gain from it? Beats me….

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