Post-PhotoshopWorld Photowalk Details

Okay photowalkers, here is the information that you have been waiting for. The Photoshop World wrap-up starts at 3:45 and ends at 4:45 on Monday, the 26th. I don’t want anyone to miss out on the final presentations and giveaways plus you might need to run to your hotel and grab your camera gear and tripod so we will kick off our photowalk at 6:00 PM. We will begin our photowalk at the top of the Smithsonian Metro escalator on the Mall side. Just for reference, there are two exits for the Smithsonian stop on the Metro. You should use the one that puts you out on the Mall. If you happen to use the wrong exit, just cross over Independence Ave. to get to the other exit where we will be meeting. 

To get to the Smithsonian stop from the Convention Center, board the Metro at the Mount Vernon Sq./7th St.-Convention Center station and board a Yellow Line train towards Huntington. Then, you need to exit at the L’Enfant station and change to a Blue Line train headed towards Franconia/Springfield. Ride this train for 1 stop and you will be at the Smithsonian station. If you would rather take a cab, just have the driver take you to 12th & Independence St. SW.

Once we begin our walk, we will walk West and follow the Northern edge of the Tidal Basin around to the MLK Memorial. This will give us a great opportunity to shoot the Cherry Blossoms around the basin with views of the Jefferson Memorial. The late afternoon light should provide some fantastic opportunities (that is if the weather cooperates.)

Photo by afagen

I have been checking the reports and it seems that the warm weather we have had this winter has coaxed the Cherry Blossoms out early. They won’t be at their peak bloom but close to it so it should be pretty spectacular. From the MLK Memorial, we will circle back around to the World War II Memorial. This and the MLK,  are two of the newest memorials on the Nation Mall and they are full of photographic possibilities. It will be close to dark when we get to the WWII Memorial so you might want to have a tripod handy. After the Memorial, we will head back towards the Washington Monument and then on to the Smithsonian Metro, where the photowalk will come to an end.

The length of the total photowalk is about 2.3 miles. It’s fairly long but quite doable at a normal pace. Also, there is no registration or fee for participating in the photowalk. If you want to join in, just show up at 6:00 with your camera and some comfy walking shoes.

Here’s a list of some helpful resources that you might want to check out –


If you have not been on the DC Metro system, I highly recommend that you check out the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) website. They have lots of information and maps to help you get around the city [LINK]

If you are looking for a good iPhone app to help you find your way, try the DC Rider app. I use it all the time to look at the metro map for stations and route planning. It will even let you know when the next train is arriving at the station. Best of all, it’s free. [LINK]


If you would like a closer look at the route I have planned, you can check it out on Google Maps [LINK]


Finally, if you are just looking for some cool places to shoot while in town, there is a great iPhone app that will help you discover some of the best locations. It’s called Photographing Washington DC Digital Field Guide and it is available for $2.99 in the App Store [LINK]


If you have never been on a photowalk before, please check out my Guide to Photowalking for information on what to bring, what to shoot, and other useful tips.


  1. Eric Saar says:

    Sounds great, what a way to wrap up Photoshop World. I was hoping to get in some shot of the Cherry blossoms but didn’t know how I would fit it in. Looking forward to it. Thanks


  1. Post-PhotoshopWorld Photowalk Details:
    Okay photowalkers, here is the information that you have been wait… #foto

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    Don't forget the post- #PSW12 photowalk tomorrow

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    Rt @PhotoWalkPro: Don't forget the post- #PSW12 photowalk 2moro!

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    Hi guys! Are U in DC for #PSW12 you might want to check this!
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    Hi guys! In DC for #PSW12, you might want to check this!
    @PhotoWalkPro is having a Post Photoshop World Photowalk!

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    Hi guys! In DC for #PSW12, you might want to check this!
    @PhotoWalkPro is having a Post Photoshop World Photowalk!

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