Post-Photoshop World Photowalk

I have been trying to find the best time for my photowalk during Photoshop World but it has been sort of tricky. I am going to be visiting a pre-con this year so I can’t do it on the day before like I normally do. The days during the conference are usually pretty busy and then there’s the after-hours party and Midnight Madness, which kind of take up the evening hours. That leaves me with just one day, the final day of Photoshop World. This is a Monday and I know that some folks might be making the mad dash to head to the airports after the conference ends but for this will hopefully work well for anyone sticking around for a Tuesday departure. As for the timing of the walk, this couldn’t have worked out any better since the cherry blossoms are expected to have an early bloom, thanks to the mild winter. We will probably kick things off at the World War II Memorial in the afternoon and then work our way around the tidal basin to catch some nice afternoon light on the Jefferson Memorial and the blossoms.

The walk will begin after the conference wraps up and we will catch a metro train over to the area and start walking the Mall. I checked the sunset times and the official sunset for that day is 7:26PM with Twilight at 7:52PM. That’s plenty of time to take some great photos. Of course all of this is weather permitting and hopefully we will continue to be blessed with great weather. So if you are going to be around and want to join in on the fun, keep an eye out here on the blog for more information as the date gets nearer. I can’t wait to see you.

Oh, and PSW attendance is not a requirement.


  1. Hey, that sounds cool. I’m not leaving until Tuesday morning since I didn’t want to rush off to the airport. I’ll keep an eye out for more details.

  2. Perfect! I’m driving to DC from Charleston, WV and was planning to delay my departure until Tuesday so I could rest up for the drive. And I’ve often considered driving over for one of your photowalks anyway so this is puuuurfect!
    And to be just a bit smarmy, I have a number of your books, have enjoyed your KelbyTraining classes and have just thought you might have a good deal to offer on a Washington Photowalk. Count me in and I’ll be there with minimum equipment for the walk.


  1. Post-Photoshop World Photowalk:
    I have been trying to find the best time for my photowalk during Photosho… #foto

  2. Post-Photoshop World Photowalk #photography

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