All My Books In One Place

So, I had this great little widget on the sidebar of the blog where I could list some of my current books. Unfortunately the widget is no longer supported, which means I can’t add my latest titles, which kind of stinks. I really liked that widget but I couldn’t live with it being non-functional for new products so I have dumped it in favor a page. Now, when you click the Find My Books photo in the sidebar, you will be taken to my new books page. There, you will find every title I have written in the Snapshots to Great Shots series along with links for purchasing it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Peachpit. The nice part is that I can upgrade and rearrange as often as necessary. It’s not the fanciest page around but if you are looking for one of my books, you won’t have to look very hard. Just click the photo in the sidebar, or click this [LINK] to check it out.

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  • Roger

    It was great seeing you at PSW. I’ve sent several folks to your books. Keep up the good work.

  • David Spanburg

    I just ordered your LightRoom book yesterday. Can’t wait until it gets published.

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