Reviewing my 2011 Photos

I was looking through some posts on Google Plus and I saw a lot of folks posting their favorite shots from the past year. It got me thinking so I opened up Lightroom and clicked on my 2011 folder to review just what I had done this year. One thing I noticed right away is that I didn’t shoot nearly as much as I wanted to. I always have great plans to shoot more but life usually gets in the way and keeps me away from doing the things I love most – certainly something to work on for 2012.

Getting back to the favorite photos, I always flag my picks in Lightroom to make them easier to find so I turned on the flag filter and started reviewing my picks. I had quite a few but I have narrowed them down to this handful of about 20 images from throughout the year.

Death ValleyI didn’t get much time here but I saw enough to know that I really want to come back. Such an amazing place.

Adobe Photoshop & You eventAdobe invited me to speak at this event and I had a great time presenting and leading a photowalk through the Chinatown area of San Francisco.

Fourth of July in DCI have lived in the DC area for the past 30+ years but have never been to Arlington Cemetery for the 4th of July fireworks. This year I dragged my kids onto the Metro to watch the show and catch a few iconic shots.

Celebrating History in ManassasThis past summer marked the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Bull Run in Manassas, Va. (my home town). There were tons of re-enactments and events to mark the occasion. I caught the gentleman in period dress at a concert in Old Town Manassas.

The County Fair Never DisappointsI always make it a point to visiti the county fair each Summer. We have one of the largest ones in the state and one of the highlights for me each year is the Rodeo. This year I thought I would spend a little time focusing on the participants and was rewarded with some great shots.

Photoshop World Las VegasI didn’t get a chance to go to the Spring session of PSW so I was excited to head out to Las Vegas in September  to catch up with old friends and get some face time with new ones. I also had a chance to visit the Valley of Fire for the first time. What an amazing place.

World Wide PhotowalkThis year the date for Scott kelby’s World Wide Photowalk was moved from the heat of the summer to the more pleasant fall time frame. At least that was supposed to be the plan. I lead the DC walk through the monuments of the National Mall and, while the weather was cold and wet, the spirits were not dampened one bit.

Peruvian Trip of a LifetimeThis Fall I got to knock another location off of my International bucket list by traveling to the country of Peru. I spent 10 amazing days traveling from one amazing location to the other.

Street/Subway PhotographyI would like to do more street photography in the coming year and got a good jump on it by catching this shot in the Metro station on the way to see Scott Kelby’s Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It seminar.

HDR Just Won’t DieAnd for good reason, it is a great tool for creating really cool shots like this image of an abandoned school auditorium. I plan on shooting a lot more HDR in the year to come.

I hope you have enjoyed this photographic review of my 2011. May your new year be filled with prosperity, good health, and unlimited photographic opportunities.


  1. Nice overview, Jeff, and great shooting, as always. I particularly like the Death Valley and Chinatown musician shots.

    Hope 2012 treats you well!


  2. Great summary and photos. Best to you in 2012.

  3. Really like the dunes against the mountains. Not sure, but i don’t think I’ve seen a similar shot before.


  1. Reviewing my 2011 Photos: I was looking through some posts on Google Plus and I saw a lot of folks posting… #foto

  2. Jeff Revell says:

    *My Year in Review*
    I just posted my photographic year in review over on my blog. Two things come to mind. First, I saw

  3. RT Reviewing my 2011 Photos Photography

  4. Reviewing my 2011 Photos #photography

  5. Reviewing my 2011 Photos #photography

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