Better Pano Edges

I have been working on some of my pano shots from my trip to Peru and I thought I would pass along a helpful hint for fixing the edges in Photoshop CS5. When you shoot multi-image panos there are often some bad looking edges due to the stitching process.

It used to be that the easiest way to deal with the problem was to crop inside the edges but then came Content-Aware Fill and cropping became less of a necessity. Okay, so you probably knew that already. So here is my little tip.

When you create the pano, the final image will be comprised of several different layers that are aligned and masked together by Photomerge.

To fill in the edges you need to get everything down to one layer so that you can select the edges and then do some content-aware filling. You could simply flatten the image but the end result eliminates the transparent area around the edges and replaces it with white. You can select the white using any number of selection tools but it can present problems if there is any white near the edge of the pano.

Instead of flattening the image, try doing a Merge Layers command (CMD+E / CRTL+E). This will flatten all the layers down to one but leave the edges transparent. This makes it really easy to select the edges using something like the Magic Wand tool (yes, it’s still good for something). I also like to expand the selection by 1 pixel just to make sure I don’t leave any fine selection lines around the image.

Then it’s time for the content-aware fill to finish things off. Of course I’m sure that there are other methods being employed so if you do something different, I would love to hear about it. By the way, if you create panos in photomerge in Adobe Photoshop Elements, it automatically asks you if you want to auto-fill the transparent edges. Very cool.

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