2011 Worldwide Photowalk Update

Well, we are getting close to it so I thought it would be a good idea to give you a little more info on the photowalk this weekend. First off, please check the official page on Saturday just to make sure there aren’t any last minute announcements. This should be easy to do since the photowalk will take place in the afternoon. Just in case you didn’t bookmark it, you can get to the page by clicking HERE. Now on to some specifics.

The Route

Our route will be a little ambitious due to the shear size of the Mall itself. We will begin walking at 4:30 PM sharp so please get to the starting spot a little bit early. I would like to take a group shot but I think I might wait to take it in front of our first real monument spot, the WWII Memorial. Speaking of the starting spot, we will rally right near the Smithsonian Metro stop near the escalators on the Mall. 

Because we are walking on the Mall, the actual route will be a little loose. The general plan is to leave the Metro stop and head West, past the Washington Monument, to the WWII Memorial. From there we will continue up by Constitution Garden Pond towards the Vietnam Memorial. Then we will move over to the Lincoln Memorial. From there, it’s time to head back East towards the Korean War Memorial, the FDR Memorial, the WWI Memorial, and then along the Tidal Basin to catch a view of the Jefferson Memorial around sunset. I told you it was ambitious.

What to Bring

Obviously you want to have your camera gear but be sure to plan for all the different sites we will see. I would advise that you bring something wide and maybe a little telephoto. If you can get away with it on one lens, more power to you. Then there is the tripod issue. I usually discourage them. The Park Police can sometimes be a little picky about using them on the actual monument grounds but not always. I will be bringing a light one for the group shot and maybe some sunset shots. Just remember that we will be walking a lot and they can get really heavy after a while.

After the Walk

I know that it’s customary for there to be some sort of restaurant meet-up after the photowalk but there really is no place even remotely close to our photowalk location. That being said, we will be skipping this part of the photowalk. This also means that you should eat something before we go and maybe bring a snack to munch along the way. Also, the Mall vendors may not be out in the afternoon so be sure to bring along something to drink. It won’t be hot but you still need to hydrate.

The Weather

We have had a very gray and wet September so I was fearful that things would be a bit damp for the weekend. Fortunately a front is supposed to push through on Friday, bringing some very welcome sunny skies. Unfortunately it’s also bringing some chilly temps. The forecasted high for Saturday is just 61° with winds of about 10-15 mph. A nice shot of Fall weather but just make sure that you dress appropriately. I would hate for you to cut your walk short because you under-dressed. Layer up and you should be fine.

That’s all I have for now. I am really looking forward to seeing so many repeat walkers and meeting some new friends as well.


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