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♦     This is an optical resolution chart. It can be used for checking resolution of imaging systems but one of the main uses is for checking lens sharpness. There is another way to find out if your lens is sharp and which aperture will get you our best images. Check out this article [LINK] from my buddy Mike Meyer for more details.

♦     File this one under “Rumor of the Week”. Fuji may soon be trying to ride the success of its extremely popular release of the X100 with a new 2/3 CMOS sensor with an optical finder in a X100 lookalike package called the X50. This of course is just rumor and has been reported to have been seen in a ProMaster catalog. Let’s hope this one has a little better luck with the focus issues. [SOURCE – Photorumors]

♦     If the Fuji X50 is rumor, here’s one that is finally fact. Sony has announced the new a77 DSLR. This new APS-C sensor camera is sporting 24.3 MP under the hood. Other nifty features include a 3″ swivel/tilt lcd screen, dual media slots, 1080p video, built-in GPS, and the 2nd generation Translucent mirror.

I have been shooting with the highly acclaimed a55 for about a week now and I’m really digging the translucent mirror technology that allows for phase detection auto-focus during movie shooting as well as extremely fast frame rates (10fps to be exact). The a77 uses the same technology and can crank out an impressive 12 frames per second. The a77 will be available sometime in October and is already listed on the B&H website for preorder ($1399.99 Body Only).

♦     Joe McNally’s Faces of 9-11 opened this past Wednesday and Joe has a great behind-the-scenes look at all the work that went in to making it happen, with a little help from his friends at NYFD. Joe’s show is a fantastic tribute and reminder of the strength, courage, and selfless dedication displayed by the public servants of NYC. [Read more at Joe’s Blog]

♦     Light It, the new digital magazine from Kelby Media that was created for the iPad has been gathering lots of praise from the photo community. It has also gotten its fair share of comments, questions, and complaints concerning its lack of availability on other digital devices. Scott has written a Q&A (in only the way Scott can do) to answer some of the questions about the new mag. [LINK]





  1. Todd Baker says:

    I’ve been reading Joe’s website and, you are right, that whole body of work is not only well done photographically (should I expect anything else from the master?) but personally as well.

    I don’t go to Scott’s site anymore as I’m tired of being told to (and I paraphrase!) “shut-up and get on the apple train”. Didn’t see his q&a, but I’ll bet that is the gist.

    A few months back, a buddy of mine was looking at getting into the DSLR game and was interested in the Sony system. I am ignorant on the system as a whole but told him that I’ve read a lot of good things about their technology….glad to see I didn’t lead him too far astray!

    We’re not going to lose you from the Nikon ranks, are we?

  2. Hey Jeff, thanks for the link love. Like I said in my post about lens sharpnest my tests were not very scientific but more real world. It took all of 30 minutes to shoot the images and then look at them on the computer. The only adjustment I made was to correct for any chromatic abberations at the different zoom lengths before evaluating the images.
    Mike Meyer


  1. Link Love Friday:
    ♦     This is an optical resolution chart. It can be used for checking resolution of imaging …

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