Learn to Composite Like a Master with Matt Kloskowski

Do you have a hankering to take different elements from your images and combine them into a single masterpiece? Maybe you are in charge of creating some cool looking playing cards for your son’s football team and aren’t really sure where to start. Well have I got a book for you. Last week my buddy Matt Kloskowski sent me a copy of his brand new book, Photoshop Compositing Secrets, and I have to tell you that it is fantastic. I know, you are thinking, “Sure Jeff, Matt is your buddy and so you are just saying that to help him sell books.” Well, Matt is my friend but even if he wasn’t, I would be crazy about this book.

Matt did a great job of walking the reader through all the necessary steps in creating great composites starting with one of the most important things, making selections. I know you have probably seen some bad selections before. You know, the ones with the white fringe around the edge that just screams composite. Well this book leads you through the step-by-step process of making fantastic selections using things like the Quick Selection tool, the Refine Edge dialog, refining hair selections, and even the best backgrounds to use for getting the best selection results for people.

From this point, it’s all about combining the selected subject with other background elements. The next chapter runs through a basic composite, taking a photo of a person and placing them on another background in a way that makes it looks like they were at the location.

The following chapters run through different types of projects like senior portraits, professional office shoots, family/group portraits, movie posters, and even advanced commercial composites. That’s what I really ended up liking about the book. Not only does Matt walk you through all of his projects in a step-by-step fashion, he also gives lots of great inspirational ideas that really get the creative juices flowing. I never thought too much about creating composites until I started reading through the book and now my head is full of possibilities for new projects for my kids, and even my books.

I could try and explain it further but instead, watch the promo video below to hear about the book from the man himself.

The book is just now hitting the stores or you can order yourself a copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble now.


  1. Thanks Jeff 🙂


  1. CS Bloggers says:

    Learn to Composite Like a Master with Matt Kloskowski – http://goo.gl/9c0NW

  2. Serena Lissy says:

    Looks like a great book by Matt Kloskowski! http://bit.ly/pOGGwZ

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