A Great Day at the Photoshop & You Store

I arrived in the Bay area on Monday and, after dropping my bags at the hotel, wandered over to get my first look at Adobe’s pop-up shop called Photoshop & You. I saw the photos that Scott Kelby had up on his blog but you really have to experience it in person to get the full flavor of the store. That’s because it really isn’t a store, although they were selling some cool Adobe swag and some very fine books from Peachpit Press. In fact it never really felt much like a store at all. It was more like a really hip gallery with a learning twist built in.

After getting the lay of the land, I headed out with camera in hand to check out the local scenery and find a route for my Photowalk, which was to take place after my presentation the next day. I spent a good amount of time wandering up and down Grant Street through the Chinatown corridor and pretty much settled on it as my destination.

Wednesday morning, I thought I would spend a little time checking out the Embarcadero area as a second possible location for the photowalk. The first thing I noticed was the distance from the store to the waterfront area. While it wasn’t a marathon of a hike, it was a pretty good distance with nothing to shoot along the way but really tall buildings. Once I did reach the Embarcadero, I found some very cool shooting opportunities, including a very cool water sculpture that you can actually walk through.

While I did enjoy shooting in the waterfront area, it was a little limited and just a little too far to really be an option. That being said, I started hoofing it back up the hill towards Chinatown and somehow ended up near Coit Tower. I think I can honestly say that I got quite a workout and by the time I got back to the hotel, I think I had probably logged about 6 miles of walking in a day and a half.


Yesterday afternoon I returned to the Adobe store for my afternoon presentation. The event was sold out and the crowd was fantastic. They were really into it and had lots of questions. It was going so well that I didn’t even get to cover some of the stuff that I had planned. The time just flew by and the photowalkers were starting to amass in the store so it was time to move into part II – the photowalk.

I gave my usual photowalk speech about being careful, having fun, asking questions, and general stuff like that and then we headed out the door towards Chinatown. We had a large crowd of 50+ people but I was fortunate to have my crew from Peachpit there to help wrangle and George Jardine even tagged along to the delight of the photowalkers. George is a fantastic photographer and a wealth of information. He has been giving several presentations at the store during the week and volunteered to tag along with us. How could I say no to that?

The photowalk was a lot of fun and I met so many great folks. I got to help a few folks along the way and even got to jam with the locals. Okay, I was more ham than jam but it did provide for a nice photo op for everyone else.

After two hours of walking, shooting, and chatting it was time to wrap things up and say our goodbyes. I had a fantastic time and I’m just thrilled and honored that Adobe asked me to be a part of it. I just wish I didn’t have to head back so soon.

If you weren’t able to actually be at my presentation, and chances are you weren’t, you can still catch it when it goes up on the Peachpit Photo Club website. The whole thing was recorded and should be up there soon for your viewing pleasure.


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