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This past weekend Adobe opened the Photoshop & You experience in San Francisco.  Just what is that you might ask? Well, from this past Saturday until Aug 6, Adobe has taken over a a store space on Sutter Street near Union Square Park for the purpose of educating and inspiring the masses. During the brief time that it is open, dozens of artists, instructors, photographers, and technical wizards will be sharing their knowledge. My buddy Scott Kelby helped kick things off this weekend by giving two lighting, shooting, retouching demos. In the coming days there will be a number of demonstrations, hands-on labs, workshops, and yes, photowalks. See, you kind of knew I had to be working some sort of angle for myself.

That’s right, Adobe has invited little old me to visit the shop on Tuesday, Aug. 2nd and share a presentation and then lead a photowalk around the streets of San Francisco.  What is even more exciting is that the presentation will be part of the Peachpit Photo Club. We aren’t sure if it will be a live broadcast or just recorded for playback in the club but it’s a great way for you to join in on the fun if you can’t be there in person. My presentation will cover lots of topics including: tips on camera and gear selection, a few nuggets on camera settings, some talk about the joys of photowalking, and finally a little of my post-processing workflow. I’ll be doing a little shooting and location scouting the day before my presentation so watching me process a few shots from around the city will hopefully get everyone inspired for part II of my act – the Photowalk.

Starting at about 5:30 PM our group of no more than 50 will hit the streets with cameras in hand. We will explore some of the great architecture in the area and hopefully answer questions and share some inspiration along the way. By the way, inspiration is a two way street and I am always inspired by my fellow photowalkers. And don’t worry, Adobe is way too smart to turn me loose on my own so I will be joined by some of their very creative staff along with members of the Peachpit Press gang. The number of attendees is limited to 50 so if you want to join in on the photowalk, you need to get registered (don’t worry, it’s free).

Here’s all the particulars. The Peachpit Photo Club presentation will take from 4:30 to 5:30 at the Photoshop & You store located at 550 Sutter St. Once again, this is a totally free event and you can find out more details on the registration page (click here). If you would like to join in on our photowalk session, which takes place from 5:30 to 7:30 (or whenever), you can find out all about that and get registered by clicking here.

For more information on the Peachpit Photo Club and watch previous webcasts, please visit their website (click here).

There are numerous activities scheduled every day from now until the 6th including more photowalks, hands on workshops, and more. To view the complete list of activities, please click on over to the Calendar page (click here) and for general info please head to the Photoshop Store main webpage (click here).

I’m very excited that Adobe has asked me to participate and I hope you will join me for some photo taking and talking. It should be a lot of fun!


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