A Little Link Love on a Monday

So last night I was cooking dinner and managed to burn the middle finger on my left hand. This means that I can’t type worth a darn because I am basically using just one hand.  In order to make things a little easier, I thought I would share a few links to help keep you informed for the beginning of your week. Please enjoy these as I break out the aloe vera.

– Here’s a great article on the advantages of cloud computing with Dropbox when there is a lot of collaboration going on. [LINK]

– Trey Ratcliff from Stuck in Customs was down in Florida last week to cover the final Space Shuttle launch. Be sure to check out his great shots of the event as well as the hoopla surrounding it. [LINK]

– I stopped using TwitPic on Twitter a while back and now I see why it was a good decision. [LINK] FYI – I use YFrog because they get the fact that I own my images and they aren’t for sale by anyone but me.

– Speaking of copyright, here’s an interesting spin on the photo-sharing site, 500px. [LINK]

– Finally, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the stop-motion video called DEADLINE post-it stop motion. If there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that these folks have a whole lot more patience than I do. [LINK]


  1. nice links thanks..

  2. Didn’t know that about 500px. Interesting since it’s been getting a lot of buzz lately including a recent post by Scott Kelby. I wonder if he knows about that feature…


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    A Little Link Love on a Monday – http://goo.gl/FQsps

  2. A Little Link Love on a Monday: Please enjoy these as I break out the aloe vera. ♦ – Here's a great article on t… http://bit.ly/oSJ4mt

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