2011 Worldwide Photowalk Dates Announced…and some other stuff

Worldwide Photowalk Dates –

I’m not sure if you saw this yesterday over at Scott Kelby’s blog but the dates for this year’s Worldwide Photowalk have been announced. As you might have heard, the photowalk will take place over two days this year in order to allow more people to participate. This year’s dates will cover the weekend of October 1st and 2nd. There is no official sign-up yet for leaders or walkers and an announcement will be made on Scott’s blog in the weeks ahead. It’s never too early though to start thinking about locations.

D5100 Commercial filmed with D5100 –

I saw this commercial the other day and then read a story over at Photography Bay. Nikon filmed their latest commercial for the D5100 with a D5100 to showcase the capabilities of the camera. This has not always been the case with other camera commercials. Panasonic’s G2 commercial was filmed with a 5D Mark II (source). Also, I am remembering a Canon commercial for the Rebel XSi showing a very cool sequence of still images that moved from a game of touch football to a professional NFL game. It would have been even more cool if they had used the XSi instead of a 1D Mark III. It’s nice to see someone actually using their product and letting the results speak for themselves.

X-Rite announces June webinar schedule –

There are a number of webinars coming up from X-Rite in the month of June. They range from monitor calibration to wildlife photography. You can find the schedules and class info at the X-Rite website.

20 Million –

That’s a big number and it’s equal to the number of times my buddy Terry White’s Adobe Creative Suite Video Podcast videos have been downloaded. That’s just a staggering number but knowing the quality of info that Terry puts into each podcast, it’s not surprising. He has also been listed in the Top-10 list of How-To podcasts for the past four years. Congrats Terry on such a major accomplishment.

National Geographic is Sponsoring a New Photo Contest –

In conjunction with Vale Mining company, Nat Geo is sponsoring the Eye on Sustainability photo contest, beginning June 5th, World Environment Day. The contest asks participants to document sustainability and environment issues–from images illustrating what’s at risk to those that shine a spotlight on what is being done to preserve the planet. The goal is to document and explore the existing wonders of the planet as well as the challenges and solutions we face. The winning photographs will be published in a special advertising section in the December 2011 issue of National Geographic magazine and three winners will receive a Nikon D3100 camera and a framed, signed print from National Geographic. Visit www.nationalgeographic.com/vale/eyeonsustainability for complete contest rules. The deadline for entries is Aug. 31, 2011.


  1. I read Scott’s blog daily, and completely missed that…(must have been the lack of a link! LOL), so thanks for the heads up! I’ve got a few locales in mind already that hopefully will be off the beaten path and thus give more of a photo opportunity! 🙂


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