Changing Image Size in Camera Raw

Today’s digital cameras come with some pretty hefty file sizes. These are great if you want to create some really large prints. They can also be a bit of a hindrance if you need something a little smaller for outputting to the web or maybe sending an email. You can however work with a smaller file size right out of Camera Raw. If you look at the bottom of the Camera Raw interface you might have noticed a small bit of information being displayed under the preview window that tells you what the color space, bit depth, image resolution, and display dpi will be for your image when it is opened in Photoshop.

Click on this line of info and you will discover a bunch of options for changing the output of the image when it is opened in Photoshop. To change the output size of your image, just click on the Size drop-down.

You will usually have several options to choose from with smaller sizes having a negative sign and larger than normal displaying a plus sign. Just click the output option you need and press the OK button. Other options you can change include the color space, bit depth (8 or 16 bit), resolution (pixels per inch), and even sharpening for output. There’s also a checkbox that will let you open your files to Smart Objects as a default.

Once you are done, you will see your new settings displayed underneath the image display.

One thing you need to know is that the output settings are sticky settings. That means that they won’t reset back to normal the next time you open Camera Raw. They will only change back if you go back into the dialog and reset them.

Happy resizing.

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