Attention Canon T3i/600D Owners…

There’s a new book on the market and it’s just for you. This isn’t just any general camera book either; it’s a book that will help you harness all the coolness of your new camera to take super fantastic photographs.

Okay, maybe that was a bit much but I am excited about the release of my latest Snapshots to Great Shots book. My buddy Mike told me that he actually saw a copy of it out in the wild, that is if your definition of wild is Barnes & Noble. It’s also available for purchase at Amazon, Borders, and you know, those other book sellers.

If you haven’t seen one of my Snapshots to Great Shots books before, let me give you a little primer. My camera books aren’t in-depth rehashes of the owners manuals. There are plenty of those to choose from out there. The problem with most of those book is that they cover the camera features in depth but don’t really tell you when or how to use them to get better looking pictures. My books are more like a guide on how to use the features of your camera to take better photographs. I don’t cover every single item in every menu (that’s why you have an owners manual) but I do cover all the things you will need to know in order to take better pictures. Along the way, you will learn some basic photographic principles and how to put them in practice with your camera.

There’s also a couple of bonus chapters available for you to download that cover things like accessories and tips on making better videos using the T3i. Oh yeah, that’s the other thing, this isn’t a video book, it’s all about photography so even though the camera can take some awesome videos, I only briefly touch on the subject so we can keep the focus on photography.

So if you recently purchased a T3i/600D and are looking to get the most from your camera then check out my book, Canon Eos Rebel T3i/600D: From Snapshot to Great Shots online or at a local bookseller near you.


  1. Have you ever been to the Barnes and Noble in Springfield? It is a jungle in there. Well at least I pulled the book out of it’s slot and put front facing on the top shelf for you 🙂

    Mike Meyer

  2. Michael H. says:

    How would you say it transfers to the T3?

    • Well, I would think that it should although a lot of the features that I talk about in the T3i will most certainly be missing from the T3. All of the basic photo concepts should still apply though, especially when discussing the shooting modes.

  3. David Lesh says:

    Will this guide work for the T3 as well for the basic features?


  1. Jeff Revell says:

    My new book for the Canon T3i/600D is out. Check out my blog for more details –

  2. My new book for the Canon T3i/600D is out. Check out my blog for more details –

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