Sharing Life Through Travel Photos

I was recently reconnected with a childhood friend, partly through our parents and partly through Facebook. We have had fun catching up with each other’s lives via email lately. You know, how many kids, what are you doing for a living, stuff like that. The great thing is that she is an avid photographer (and a good one at that) so we have not only been sharing life stories, but also pictures.

I have been sending lots of photos from my journeys over the past few years and what I found was that it is really fun rediscovering all those images. Searching through the hundreds of photos also reminded me of the reason we take travel photos. They help to transport us back and refresh our memories of places we have visited and the good times that were had on the journies.

So this week I have decided that I will share a favorite travel photo with you. I’m thinking that I might just make it a semi-regular event here on the blog but I don’t want this to be just a one-sided affair. I want you to share your favorite travel photos as well so I have created a flickr group called Places I Have Been. Just join the group and when you have a photo you want to share, simply tag it for the group and share it with us.

Here’s my first image to share. It was taken a while back on a trip to Cambodia. It was a dream journey for me. Something I had wanted to do for years and finally just decided the time was right. I spent a week wandering around the ancient temples of the Angkor region, just me and my camera, and it was an experience that really opened my eyes to how much I love traveling. This particular image was captured in Angkor Wat, the largest temple in the World, and just an amazing place. It’s one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites and a location that I would highly encourage everyone to visit. I’m hopeful to get back there again some day before it is ruined by commercialism.

Enjoy the photo and don’t forget to add yours to the Flickr group.


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    Sharing Life Through Travel Photos: I was recently reconnected with a childhood friend, partly through our parents…

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