New Photo Tools Coming to a Store Near You

Having a successful blog means that my email in-box gets pretty full with lots of new product announcements. I usually go through all of them on the weekends to see if there is anything of value. It’s kind of like going through the Sunday circulars to see if there are any deals amongst the clutter. Here’s a few items that I think are worthy of passing on to you.

Epson Announces the R2000 Printer –

First there was the R1400, then the R1900, and now Epson has upped their hold on the 13″ printer market with the release of he new Stylus Photo R2000. The R2000 utilizes an 8 color Hi-Gloss 2 pigment ink set to achieve an amazing color gamut. It’s also very fast, being able to print a full-size 8×10 in just over a minute. Another great feature that Epson has been putting in their new printers is built-in 802.11n wi-fi so you don’t have to be tethered to the printer when you are ready to print. This is a huge thing for me because I like to work from different areas around the house on my laptop and would always need to send files to my office CPU whenever I wanted to print. Probably the best thing about this new printer is the price, at around $500 retail. It’s not available yet but there are quite a few stores that are already taking pre-orders. You can read more about the R2000 at the Epson website.

Topaz Labs Adds a New Plug-in –

The folks at Topaz Labs, makers of one of my all-time favorite plug-ins, Topaz Adjust, has just announced the latest member to their Topaz Collect. It’s called Topaz Lens Effects and it allows you to do some add some very cool and different effects to your images. With it you can change things like lens bokeh, add a fish-eye effect, create a tilt-shift look, do some vignetting, and even motion blur. Not only that but it also has a new interface that allows you to brush in the effect, use a gradient, and lots of other controls to achieve just the look you are after. The plug-in is selling for $49.99 until May 27th and you can read more about it over at the Topaz Labs website.

Lowepro Photo Sport AW Hits the Trails –

My friends at Lowepro have come up with a new series of photo backpacks that are geared towards the outdoor enthusiast and I have to tell that they look fantastic. These bags were really designed for people that are out there playing hard on the trail, hiking, riding, and even jogging to their favorite remote photo spots. The bags have a newly designed feature called the Ultra-Cinch Camera Chamber that allows you to put your camera in the bag and then cinch it down internally to keep it from shifting and bouncing while you are out doing your thing. They are also much lighter than conventional backpacks to help keep weight down to a minimum. The bags come in 2 sizes, the 200AW and 100AW, and have enough space for a camera kits and lots of personal goodies. There are a lot more features as well so head over to the Lowepro site and check it out.

Learning New Tricks –

These aren’t new products but I thought I would pass them along because who doesn’t like learning new stuff for free?

– Nik Software is hosting free webinars aimed at showing you how to get some amazing results in your photography using their plug-ins. Starting Tuesday, you can watch classes on things like Silver Efex Pro 2, Viveza 2, Color Efex Pro 3, and more. The events are free but attendance is limited so hurry and get yourself registered. Just follow this link for the schedule.

Finally today, I wanted to pass along a very cool blog post from Frank Doorhof. Frank is an amazing photographer and made his debute at this past Photoshop World to rave reviews. He also does a lot of workshops and his blog is a fantastic source of inspiration and, as is the case in a current post, a lot of great tips and tricks. Check out how Frank creates realistic backgrounds for his photos without ever leaving the studio. It’s really great stuff. You can read the post and watch his videos here.


  1. Cool info – thanks for the Nik Software webinar tidbit! Also, as an FYI – Epson had an R1800 in between the R1900 and R1400 (I own one…)

  2. Don’t forget the 2880


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    New Photo Tools Coming to a Store Near You –

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