New Photoshop iPad App Announced at Photoshop World

I was checking out some of the news from Photoshop World yesterday and I saw that Adobe exec Johnny L gave a preview of a new Photoshop app being created for the iPad. I have used the old PS Express app but truth be told, I find it a little bit lacking. It is pretty limited in the scope of image editing tools and is really only useful for a handful of tasks.

Apparently Adobe agrees because the brief demo I saw for the new app is packed full of powerful new tools, including layers. That’s right, layered edits right on the iPad. Check out the keynote video from fellow blogger Eric Reagan over at Photography Bay to see a hands-on demonstration (link). There’s even more coverage over at the official blog.

Speaking of Photoshop World, if you are like me and just not able to get away and join in on all the fun, you can check all the happenings over at the official Live blog. If you are a Twitter user search for the Photoshop World using #psw. Also, there are a lot of photos being uploaded to the official flickr group. Click this link to check them out.


The FedEx guy was busy today dropping off a couple of very anticipated packages at my house. Package 1 contains new inkjet paper samples of Ilford Galerie inkjet papers. Enclosed in the pack are the Smooth, Gold Classic papers along with the new Smooth Heavyweight Matt, Lustre Duo, and Fine Art papers.  I’m going to be downloading the ICC profiles and giving them a test run in a couple of different printers to see how they stack up against my normal paper choices. I’ll also use my ColorMunki to create some custom profiles, which I find to be more accurate than the default profiles. As soon as I get some results, I’ll be sure to share them with you.

Package 2 is something that I didn’t realize I needed until last week when I was on travel to Nevada. I took a bunch of photo gear with me and, since I don’t check my cameras, I had everything stuffed into a photo backpack. When all the packing was done, I had about 30 pounds of gear in the pack but it felt more like 50. As I was changing planes (and terminals) in Chicago my thoughts turned to my aching back and I started thinking how nice it would be if I had a roll-around carry-on case for all my stuff. So when I got home, I got in touch with my Lowe Pro contact and asked him if he could send me out one of their Pro Roller cases to try out.

The Pro Roller comes in three sizes, the x100, x200, and x300, of which the first two are approved for airline carry-on. I asked for the x100, the smallest of the three, and I am really looking forward to packing it full of stuff and dragging it around a few airports. And of course when I am done, I will share my thoughts with you. Although I must say, I am already impressed with the build of the bag right out of the box. I am already thinking that this could be very promising.

That’s all I have for today, have a great and safe weekend.


  1. Leon Zandman says:

    Is this really about a fully new standalone Photoshop app? From what I’ve seen Adobe plans to release some iPad apps that support / enhance Photoshop, but don’t replace it. You still need to run Photoshop itself and the apps are mere controllers for the main Photoshop instance.


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