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It’s only Wednesday and yet there are lots of new things popping up all over the web. Here’s a few things that you might find interesting.

Lots of New Products –

The Nikon D5100

It’s not on their DSLR camera page as of this writing but it’s official, Nikon has release the D5100. This is definitely an update to the D5000. with it’s 16.2 MP sensor and 1080p video. It also sports the filp-out LCD but unlike the D5000, this screen flips out to the side, not the bottom. Another upgrade is the camera’s ISO sensitivity, which can be stretched to 25,600 in HI-2 mode. There’s even a Night View feature that lets you shoot video at a staggering 102,400 ISO. Check out all the new features at Nikon USA.

The Nikon ME-1

Maybe just as exciting is Nikon’s new external microphone, the ME-1 stereo microphone. The mic has a 3.5 mm jack, a low-cut filter to reduce wind noise, and it pulls its power from the camera. I haven’t seen a price-point but you can read more about it here.

Westcott TD6

Westcott just recently released the new TD6 Spiderlite and it’s already getting lot’s of love. Terry White gave a great hands-on review of them not long ago. And just last week, Westcott had them on display at Photoshop World and fellow blogger Eric Reagan from Photography Bay gave them a run through at the shooting booth. Be sure to check out his review.

Canon Inc. Update –

Canon has issued a press release to give a sort of state of the company update after the devastating earthquake that hit Japan. Luckily for Canon, most of their production and operation sites were spared any severe damage and they are operating, if somewhat limited by the lack of some raw material shortages and rolling blackouts. You can read the entire release here.

Creativity in 20 Minutes or Less –

The folks at Gulf Photo Plus were given a real treat when photographers Joey L and Zach Arias went head-to head-in a good natured shoot-out. Each photographer was presented a subject and they had 20 minutes to come up with an idea for the shoot, get their shots, and make their post-processing edits. It really is something to see these guys think on their feet and come up with some really special shots. Check out the video to see all the fun.

GPP 2011 Shoot-out from gulf photo plus on Vimeo.


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