Spider Holster Announces Black Widow Camera Holster

Spider Holster has announced the immediate availability of its Black Widow Camera Holster. By providing a secure attachment point at the photographer’s hip, the Black Widow prevents the ever-present neck, shoulder and back strain of carrying cameras on traditional tangling neck straps. Modeled after Spider Holster’s pro-level offering, the Black Widow was designed for entry to mid-level DSLRs, camcorders, and the popular mirrorless ILC cameras. Its lightweight design and quick-draw access make the Black Widow an ideal carrying option for photographers on vacation, shooting sports or school events, or for any time when they need to keep their hands free but their camera at the ready.

The Black Widow Camera Holster is sold along with the Black Widow Pin which affixes to the camera’s tripod mount and slides in to the automatically-locking holster. Spider Holster is also offering separate accessories for shooters using heavier mid-level cameras. The accessory Black Widow Plate allows users to attach a tripod quick release plate while also distributing the camera’s weight so it is properly positioned upside-down with the valuable lens pointing away from the ground. For photographers that plan to carry their camera all day, the accessory Black Widow Pad and the Black Widow Belt provided added comfort.

I love my Spider Holster camera system. It has served me quite well, including on my Redskins sideline shoot a few weeks back, where it kept my D7000 securely at my side but at the ready as I ran up and down the field. I think the Black Widow will offer this same camera security and quick access to all those smaller to mid-sized camera models on the market. To find out more, check out the Spider Holster website at http://www.spiderholster.com/blackwidow/


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