Finding a New Use For Lightroom’s Identity Plate

The other day I was gathering images to consider for my next book cover in Lightroom but I was having a little picking something that would work well. See, the problem is that there is a title banner that runs across the cover, about two-thirds of the way up. It’s slightly transparent but not enough to not obscure part of the image. That means I need just the right image to work without being affected by the banner (see cover below).

That’s when I had a thought, what if I used the Print module in Lightroom to see exactly what my images would look like as a book cover? The first thing I did was set up a page with the exact same dimensions as my covers, about 7.5″x9″.

The next step involved creating the title banner for the book. This was pretty easy to do. I just created a new 2″ x 7.5″ document in Photoshop, filled it with dark grey, added some text, and saved it as a JPEG to my desktop.

It has already been pointed out to me that EOS should be capitalized and the model number should be 600D. Don’t worry though, it’s just a mock-up so spelling doesn’t count. 🙂

Then I switched back to Lightroom and clicked on the Identity Plate under the Page drop-down in the Print module. I turned it on by checking the box and then clicked on the plate to get the options and then clicked on Edit.

I selected the Use a graphical identity plate and selected my title graphic that I had saved to the desktop.

Then all I had to do was position the graphic on my print layout, size it to fit, and lower the opacity to about 85%.

Now it’s really easy for me to just select vertical images and preview them as book covers. I can even save them as JPEGs by using the Print to JPEG File option in the Print Job drop-down. I’m not sure if this is what the Identity Plate was created for but I can tell you that it has made cover selection a whole lot easier.


  1. Useful idea.

    However, on your sample book cover, shouldn’t “EOS” be capitalised? Also, it should be “600D”, not “D600” 😉

  2. nice idea, just need to finish the book now! 🙂


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    Finding a New Use For Lightroom’s Identity Plate: The other day I was gathering images to consider … #Photography

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    Finding a New Use For Lightroom’s Identity Plate

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