Canon Releases New DSLR Cameras for the Amateur Market

I just got the news yesterday that Canon announced two new cameras in their amateur line-up of cameras, the T3/1100D and the T3i/600D. Looking at the entire line of Canon DSLR cameras, the T3 makes sense. They have too many lower-end cameras like the XS and XSi and the T3 is probably going to replace them as the entry camera for the DSLR line. At 12.2 MP, it has the same resolution as the XS. The T3 has some other upgrades over the older XS(i) like a 63-zone TTL metering system (the XS has 35-zone metering), much higher ISO sensitivity (6400), a Digic 4 processor, and HD video. The video however is 720p, not the 1080p that is found in the other video-capable Canon DSLRs. I would expect to see less availability of the XS, XSi, and T1i models as they are phased out over the next few months.

So if the T3 is taking over the lower end of the scale, where does the T3i fit into the mix? Well, best I can figure, it’s right above the T2i and just below the 60D. The truth is that the T3i is sort of a hybrid of the two. From a technical standpoint, the T3i has pretty much the same specifications as the T2i, like the 18MP sensor, the same 1/4000 of  sec. max shutter speed, 63-zone metering, Digic 4 processor, and 1080p video. The real appeal here is the articulating 3″, high-res LCD screen. This was a big hit on the 60D and I’m sure it will be just as popular with the 3Ti. Another cool feature first seen on the 60D is the built in filters. These allow you to warm things up, cool them down, add some soft focus, graininess, or even a Holga effect. Another feature the T3i borrows from the 60D is a built-in flash that can act as a remote commander for an off camera speedlite (Canon also just released 2 new speedlites).

There are a few features though that the T3i can call its own. The new fully-automatic Scene Intelligent Auto mode performs analysis of the scene and then adjusts images settings to provide the best settings for your image. If there is a lot of blue sky, the camera will adjust to improve the saturation of the blues. If it detects people, it will adjust the settings to obtain the best skin tones. The Video Snapshot mode shoots video in two, four, or eight second segments, creating clips that are short, easy to edit and of similar lengths to clips used in most TV programmes. As they are recorded, the clips are saved to a Video Snapshot Album and combined into one movie. A soundtrack can be added by choosing from tracks uploaded to the camera and the result viewed on the camera’s LCD, or on an HDTV via the built-in mini HDMI connection.

EOS T3i/600D – key features:

  • 18-megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Scene Intelligent Auto mode
  • Full-HD EOS Movie
  • On-screen Feature Guide
  • 3.7fps continuous shooting
  • Wide-area 9-point AF
  • 1,040k-dot vari-angle 7.7cm (3.0”) screen
  • Basic+ and Creative Filters
  • Built-in wireless flash control

The Canon EOS T3i Digital SLR camera is scheduled to be delivered to U.S. dealers in the beginning of March, and will be sold in a body-only configuration at an estimated retail price of $799.99. It will also be offered in a kit version with Canon’s new EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II zoom lens at an estimated retail price of $899.99. It will also be available in a second kit version with Canon’s EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS zoom lens at an estimated retail price of $1099.00.


  1. Wow, seems like DSLR cameras have become more accessible for budding photographers. This can be a good first camera for someone who’s just starting out. A good break from point-and-shoot cameras, this one offers more settings the user can customize.


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