What Does Nikon Have Up Its Sleeve

According to the rumors, Nikon has a press event scheduled for some time around February 9th. Of course any sort of press event is enough to get the imagination working overtime. The biggest rumor is that a D700 replacement will be announced. There have been plenty of rumors as to what that means, including full HD video like the D7000 and D3100, with 1080p resolution and contrast-based auto-focus. Other speculation is for more mega-pixels; somewhere around 18MP. If this is true, it means that Nikon would be debuting a completely new full-frame sensor. This is an interesting prospect, which raises many questions. Will it still have the low-noise of a D3s and is this the new sensor that the D4 will be based on? But that’s a completely different rumor for another time.

One particular rumor, that I found to be a little bothersome, is the removal of the built-in flash from the camera. I think this would be a huge mistake but maybe it’s a line Nikon believes it must cross to take the D800 (or whatever they call it) to the professional level. Perhaps they believe that a pop-up flash is something to only be found on amateur-level cameras. Let’s face it, they would rather take the flash off the camera and make you buy two flash units (one commander and one remote) rather than just one that can be controlled by the built-in flash like the one on the D700. Personally, I hope this rumor proves to be false. I use the built-in flash in commander mode all the time and like the convenience of only having to carry one flash unit around and still get some pretty professional looking results.

Of course all of this is complete speculation and the truth is that Nikon could just be announcing some new lenses or maybe a new point and shoot, like the highly anticipated pro-level mirrorless EVIL camera. I guess we’ll just have to wait another week to find out. In the mean time, if you have a feature you would like to see in a new DSLR from Nikon, what would it be? For me, it would be something like the Translucent Mirror Technology that Sony has in their new a55 DSLR. It allows that camera to fire without raising the mirror, which means two things; better continuous auto-focus and faster continuous frame rates. Oh, here’s one more, I would love a new auto-exposure bracketing system that allows 9-stop brackets in 2-stop increments. Now that would be nice.


  1. Where did you get this info from, better go to nikonrumors.com and get the real details.

    • I’m not sure what you are referring to but Nikon Rumors is where I got some of my info/rumors (click here). Well, I actually added the part about the video but since they have updated the D3 and D300 with video and every other camera they make (with the exception of the D3x) now has video, I figure it’s a pretty safe assumption. So tell me mister BS, which part are you speaking of? As for the “real details”, there aren’t any, that’s why it’s called a rumor and not a fact.

  2. I have a D700 and I love it. 16 MP would be nice, but video is not necessary for me. I will note replace my D700 for quite a while,

  3. it would be nice if you have given them credit for the information you took from their website

  4. Quality post… thank you!!

  5. From all the last rumors I read about the D800 (my futur baby) this article looks to be the more closer to reality. next weeks will show if you’re right or not, but I hope you’re right because the technical description is really exciting.

  6. Sagar Pasad says:

    i dont understand, y is Nikon coping from canon for not putting built in flash, i think thats y many people opt for D700 rather then 5D II, which gives benefit of nt buying a commander trigger.
    though it has Full HD video.

    • Sagar,
      Remember that these are just rumors and speculations and there is no way of knowing for sure if the next version of the D700 would not have the built-in commander flash. I think it would be a real shame if it was removed but let’s see what happens. I can say that one reason for removing it would be to sell more flashes.

  7. All I know is, whatever is up Nikon’s sleeve, I will end up buying it 😀


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  5. New #Nikon #D800 possible on Feb. 9? RT @Photowalkpro: What Does Nikon Have Up Its Sleeve http://bit.ly/ifwyfI

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