Warm, Toasty, and Functional – Freehands Gloves

A while back when I was gearing up for my sideline shoot at the Redskins game I was thinking it was going to be pretty darned cold out there on the field. I have lots of cold weather gloves but they are all bulky and are more suited for making snowballs than taking photos. I started looking around for some gloves that are made specifically for shooting so I popped over to B&H Photo and found Freehands. There are a lot of different styles of freehand gloves but most of them have the same basic feature, a flip-back cover over the finger that offers a lot more dexterity.

I chose the Men’s Ski/Cold Weather Gloves for maximum warmth and comfort. When they arrived I slipped my hands inside and was surprised at how soft and warm they really were. I bought them for shooting but they are so comfortable that I have made them my full-time winter gloves. The gloves themselves are soft leather and the micro-fleece lining is water-resistant. The palms are not rubber but they do have a grippy surface and the forefinger and thumb have magnet discs in them to keep them in place when the are pulled back over the fingers.

Freehands also come in a lot of different styles including fleece, rag-wool, stretch Thinsulate, and more. My Ski/Cold Weather gloves cost about $45 at B&H while other models go as low as $17.95. Check out all the available styles at B&H and some models at Amazon.

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