Warm, Toasty, and Functional – Freehands Gloves

A while back when I was gearing up for my sideline shoot at the Redskins game I was thinking it was going to be pretty darned cold out there on the field. I have lots of cold weather gloves but they are all bulky and are more suited for making snowballs than taking photos. I started looking around for some gloves that are made specifically for shooting so I popped over to B&H Photo and found Freehands. There are a lot of different styles of freehand gloves but most of them have the same basic feature, a flip-back cover over the finger that offers a lot more dexterity.

I chose the Men’s Ski/Cold Weather Gloves for maximum warmth and comfort. When they arrived I slipped my hands inside and was surprised at how soft and warm they really were. I bought them for shooting but they are so comfortable that I have made them my full-time winter gloves. The gloves themselves are soft leather and the micro-fleece lining is water-resistant. The palms are not rubber but they do have a grippy surface and the forefinger and thumb have magnet discs in them to keep them in place when the are pulled back over the fingers.

Freehands also come in a lot of different styles including fleece, rag-wool, stretch Thinsulate, and more. My Ski/Cold Weather gloves cost about $45 at B&H while other models go as low as $17.95. Check out all the available styles at B&H and some models at Amazon.


  1. Those are great gloves. I’ve also found that The North Face Etip glove works extremely well in cold climates. They’re warm by themselves (in certain weather) and great in combination with gloves such as the ones you highlighted.


    Plus, they let you swipe your phone if you get a call during your assignment.

  2. Those are great, indeed. I need to get a pair for myself soo for outdoors shooting in winter in Midwest- this weekend I really needed some. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Buddy Mesker says:

    Will they shrink after getting wet? You know, like OJ’s glove.

  4. Jeff,
    Did you use a severed hand to use in this product shot? If you did, you are a brave man.

    • Hey Myles,
      My wife and son were telling me the photo should be on Photoshop Disasters. I didn’t take the shots myself because, truthfully, I was too lazy so I just grabbed them from their website. It is a little creepy looking though. 🙂

  5. Jim Baunach says:

    Jeff, what do you think of these gloves that use a zipper to free the thumb and index finger? My 15 year old son came up with it for skiing and snowboarding. I think it might work easier and provide a better seal for water resistance.

    • The only problem I see with that idea is that it means taking extra time to zip and unzip the fingers. The Freehands gloves are fast and it only takes a fraction of a second to uncover a finger or thumb for shooting and then cover it back up. I wouldn’t use them for making snowballs or anything like that but the quick access is why I like them. The fact is that whatever works for you is the right solution so if zippers and a water-tight seal are what’s important, than that’s the way to go.


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