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Complimentary Issue of Photoshop User Magazine –

Are you a NAPP member? No? Well then you have probably been missing out on one of the best magazines in the industry, Photoshop User. The magazine is available on newstands but it’s FREE to all NAPP members and it’s one of the best things about being a member. Well now there’s a chance for you to see what you have been missing. Dell Computers has teamed up with NAPP to bring you a complimentary issue of the magazine via the Zinio magazine app. Just head over to this link and fill out the registration to download your copy today.

Speaking of Zinio –

The Zinio iPad app is my favorite way to read all of my favorite magazines on the go and now they have added one of my favorite magazines to their list of offerings (that’s a whole lot of favorites, isn’t it). Just last week I was looking through the photo mags and saw that Outdoor Photographer was finally available for digital download. I wasted no time in purchasing a subscription for just $10.00 and downloaded my first issue. Magazines on Zinio are fantastic and Outdoor Photographer is no exception. Zinio is also available on the iPod Touch, iPhone, and your computer. Head over to their website for all the details.

Putting your pics on the iPad –

Sticking with the iPad them for a moment, Adobe’s own Dr. Russell Brown did a series of videos for exporting your portfolio to the iPad. He covers several different methods for exporting from Bridge and Lightroom. He also discusses the best way to move videos from Lightroom to the iPad as well as some cool natural HDR toning effects in Photoshop. Head on over to John Nack’s blog for links to all the lessons.

A better way to see while recording DSLR video –

Do you have a DSLR camera that shoots video? I do and I can tell you that while I love the quality of the video, I have real problems being able to see the video that I am shooting on the rear LCD screen. Sure the 3″ screens are nice but I have to hold the camera pretty far away in order to get my old eyes to focus on the screen. My other option is to use my Hoodman Loupe with the Cinema Straps so I can hold the camera up to my eye. But thanks to Sony, there’s a new option that is just kick-butt. The new CLM-V55 is a 5″ screen that will fit into any hot/coldshoe and has some great features like a fully swiveling mount for viewing at any angle, 800×480 resolution, 16:9 and 4:3 on-screen markers, pixel magnification up to 1:1 for precise focusing, a sound jack for monitoring your audio, and a lot more. There is no price yet for the unit that is scheduled to be released sometime in March but if you are serious about your video you definitely want to check this out. You can read more about it over at DPReviews.


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