My new classes for Kelby Training

The weather back home has been so cold that I thought a trip to Tampa might be in order. And as long as I’m in Tampa, why not stop by and see my friends at Kelby Training and make a couple of training videos. Okay, I didn’t come here to escape the cold, especially since they are have some pretty chilly temps as well, but the part about the training videos is true. I am really thrilled to be creating two new classes on the Canon 60d and the T2i.

I wrapped the 60D class yesterday along with my buddy and co-host Scott Kelby and today I’m working with Matt Kloskowski on the T2i class. The whole staff at Kelby Training is incredibly talented and even managed to make me look good as I demonstrated how to use the 60D (no small feat). I have also had the pleasure of recording in the new studio created just for the Kelby Training videos (see photo). It’s an incredibly versatile set and a real pleasure to work in.

The classes should be out in the next few weeks so if you are getting a 60D or T2i for the holidays or know someone who is, be sure to check out these new classes that will help kick-start you on the way to getting up and running with your new camera gear.


  1. Great news. I bought a 60D a few weeks ago and have done some low light shooting with it (very nice) and am playing with using it to control a 580EXII remotely.

    That said, there are plenty of features I’m not all that sure about, such as live view and video. I’m really looking forward to this release.



    • I love that Canon has finally gotten onboard with wireless control from the pop-up flash. It really does add a whole new dimension to lighting. Now if they would allow more than 3 bracketed photos…


  1. My new classes for Kelby Training Photography.alltop

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