Comcast is Down but iPad Comes to the Rescue

I went out shopping last night only to come home and find that my Internet was acting funky. I wasn’t sure what the problem was since all of my equipment seemed to be in working order and a quick IPCONFIG ping showed me connected to the Comcast servers. What was really weird was that I was just using it a little bit earlier to watch some Slingbox action while I was eating dinner at Panera.

I was planning on writing a post about my upcoming book and some other stuff from this weekend but my lack of connection was really bumming me out. Never fear though, it’s iPad and AT&T 3G service to the rescue. That’s right, this post is actually coming from my iPad, not my computer. I’m using the WordPress app, which is not as good as I wish it could be, but it really beats the alternative.

I’m often asked by folks if I still like my iPad and the answer is no, I don’t like it, I love it, even more than the day it showed up on my front porch. Sure, it could be better in some ways but the recent release of iOS 4.2 really took things up a notch (I spent my Thanksgiving morning moving all my apps into folders). I rarely travel without my iPad these days, which I’m sure is making my laptops extremely jealous. The truth is that most everything I want to do on short trips can be handled by my iPad, even making short blog posts like this one.

I know that there will be a lot of pad/tablets coming to market over the next year. In fact I expect the tablets to be the dominant piece of tech at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in January. I don’t, however, foresee any of them passing the iPad. It’s not only the first, but it set the bar so high that it will be hard for anyone to come close much less surpass it in form and function. By the way, if you were thinking of buying one this holiday season, I heard that Apple is going to be announcing the second generation shortly into the new year. Just a rumor, but definitely food for thought.

As for my Internet service, I just saw on the news that Comcast is having problems with their servers all along the East coast so hopefully they will have things fixed by tomorrow. My Comcast Internet service is pretty rock solid and they give me little room to complain. Besides, it gave me lots of practice typing on the iPad 🙂


  1. Jeff, I made the switch to Verizon FiOS after having been down with Comcast 96 out of 420 hours. That was almost a year ago.

    • Unfortunately I can’t get Fios at my residence but then again, I am pretty darned pleased with my Comcast service. I have had them for quite a few years and they have always been rock solid. My speed is fast and I can’t remember the last time I lost service. I think that you can always find folks that have had problems with their ISP, no matter who it is. I’m just happy that my connection was fully restored by this morning.

  2. Well there goes my Christmas present to myself. I may have to wait a little bit to see if the gen 2 iPad comes out. I was reading just last night a bunch of rumors. I know you like us to pull the trigger Jeff, but sometimes a little patience pays big dividends. Hope you had a good turkey day!

    Mike Meyer

  3. Hey Jeff,

    You just wait……don’t get to comfortable with that version 1 iPad. There is going to be some really nice tablets coming out next year that are gonna make Apple go back to the drawing board. The iPads limited functionality is going to be surpassed by milestones. Just wait to the first tablets with dual cameras hit the scene…..Apple will be running for the hills to make a new model.

    • Actually, the word around the Internet is that the 2nd generation is going to be announced in Jan. or Feb. with lots of updates including front and rear cameras. I’m sure there will be lot’s of competition for the iPad in the future, it’s silly to think otherwise. But if I know one thing it’s that Apple usually sets the bar pretty high for everyone else. Besides, competition makes everyone a winner in the end.


  1. Booom says:

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