NAPP Announces Pre-Con Workshops

NAPP has just announced their pre-conference workshops for Photoshop World 2011 in Orlando, FL. The pre-cons are a great way to really kick-start your Photoshop World experience. They take place on the day before PSW begins and allow you to get some great interaction and learning with some of the best instructors at PSW. Here’s the list of workshops that are available.

NAPP Photo Safari –

Joe McNally and Moose Peterson will take you to locations in Orlando and school you on lighting and shooting. The event is limited to 45 participants.

On Location Wedding Photo Shoot –

Photographer David Ziser will walk you through an “on-location” wedding shoot complete with bride and groom. David will share some of his best tips for capturing beautiful wedding photos. Make sure you bring your camera along because this is strictly a shooting affair.

HDR Crash Course –

Have you wanted to get into HDR photography but just weren’t really sure how to get started? Well here’s your chance. Matt Kloskowski and RC Concepcion will take you on a short photo shoot to capture some images and then walk you though all the ins and outs of HDR image processing.

Creating Video With DSLR Cameras –

Video guru Rich Harrington will walk the participants through the process of lighting, shooting, and processing video with today’s newest DSLR cameras. If you wanted to get a leg up on creating great video content, you will definitely want to spend a day with Rich.

Real World Concert Photography –

Here’s your chance to not only learn some great techniques for capturing great concert images but also check out Scott Kelby’s band, Big Electric Cat. Alan Hess and Scott Diussa are practiced pros who know their way around a stage and will guide you on your way to taking professional level images at your next concert.

Quality of Light In-Depth –

In this hands-on session with James Schmelzer, you’ll learn ways to ensure quality lighting. Hear a step-by-step explanation of light theory while learning about proper light positioning for indoor and outdoor portraits.

Photoshop Channel and Masks –

Spend 4 hours with Deke McClelland and you will know more about masking and channels than you ever thought possible.  And if you have ever seen Deke teach, you know it will be just as entertaining as it is instructional.

The Art of Contemporary Painting in CS5 –

Photoshop CS5 is full of great new brush and painting tools and no one is better qualified to teach you about using them than Fay Sirkis. Fay creates beautiful digital painting portraits and she will help put you on the right track to creating your own masterpiece.

Photoshop for Beginners –

Learn practical Photoshop editing techniques including layers, complex selections, masking, lightening blemishes and popular effects with Photoshop guru Lesa Snider.

If you are interested in learning more about the Pre-Con sessions including prices and registration info, head on over to the Photoshop World website.


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