Checking Out The New iLife

I was dropping off something at the Apple store today so I decided to go ahead and pick up a copy of the all new iLife ’11 that was just released last week. I was going to download it but that option was not available (why, I really don’t know) but since I was at the store, I saved myself a few days of waiting for the postman and dished out the $49.

For those of you that might be unfamiliar with iLife, it is a suite of programs that includes iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand. I don’t really care about GarageBand, although it is a pretty cool program for musicians, but the other two programs are well worth my money. I might also add that if you are a Windows user you can completely disregard this post since iLife is strictly a Mac affair.

I installed the program last night and haven’t had a ton of time to check out the new settings but from what I have already seen, the updates are plentiful. The first thing I looked into after the somewhat lengthy install was iPhoto.

I’ll give a full review once I’ve had a chance to really dig in, especially on the slideshow and book printing features. I checked them out briefly and I really like some of the new features, especially in the books. Below is the new slideshow setup screen with a bunch of new themes to choose from.


And the following is a screen capture of the new book layout screen. It’s very different from the 09 version and yet very intuitive.


Also, it seems as though Apple is really trying hard to bring a similarity to all their software as evidenced by the new Projects screen. Those of you with an iPad or iPhone will no doubt recognize the bookcase from the iBooks app.

If you would like to find out more about the iLife ’11 programs, head on over to the Apple iLife page.


  1. Some of the features I think are great, but after using it for a little while, it has some serious issues.

    First off is that you can no longer rename events on Import (or from within a Search). This isn’t too much of a problem with new photos, but I do research on my iPad and save photos to the library, well it puts them in an event by their creation date (the last one I did made an event in 2005) and I had to do a search of one of the file names to find the date of the event, and then manually find the event and then I was allowed to rename it (though not change the date of it, nor can I change the date of photos, which is really frustrating).

    I also hate the way it mails photos and you can’t just send them via an attachment (the only way is to drag the photos to the mail icon to make a new e-mail with the photos in it).

    And having to open the search dialogue every time is also really frustrating.

    Honestly with these issues it feels like a downgrade!

  2. If you upgrade, be sure to install then run software update to get the patch before running iPhoto for the first time. Have been reading about corrupt photo libraries with the upgrade. Looking to buy but waiting for some kinks to be worked out. Also have a book being worked on and don’t want to lose it when we upgrade. Happened once with a holiday card which was easier to redo than the books are — and the new cards were better anyway!

    Nice review as always though, Jeff… will pick it up next time I’m at the Apple store.

    • I didn’t lose any of my book projects or slideshows after upgrading. I was pleasantly surprised to see that everything went very smoothly moving to the new version.


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